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Yea, I didn't make that assertion - but the data does go over a much larger number of years even if it is extremely sparse and certainly it is some data...even with your numbers that would still show a change (though I feel like the real numbers were like 165-185 but it's been a long time since I looked).


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That seems like a much lower percentage. Scams are numbers and doing it all online is way easier, not to mention the very low numbers of places one could even accomplish that, but yea, people gonna peep.


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...I'm literally SAYING if it ISNT hurt, aka shows no pain being felt, then it isn't effecting shit. Ie, If NO PAIN happens then...wtf does it matter? Holy shit you guys really are this stupid...every time it still surprises me. /We had a West Highland Terrier that used to bite our other (Newfoundland) and they didn't even pay her any attention so I know it can happen.


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Yes, that's exactly what I said and you totally owned me. Set that straight guy... straight... and attack him for his unwarranted fear...of understanding that humans are crazy apes and acknowledging that and watching out for yourself is a thing we should all do! Lol, you enjoy your life of mediocre intelligence.


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Ugh, literally anything can happen anywhere because people are crazy. Men are much more likely to be assaulted and outside of that tons of men are sexually assaulted, almost certainly more than statistics suggest since it's even harder for men to come foward. I've been groped multiple times in my life by random women. Plenty of studies show that women indeed FEAR being attacked much more even though they're attacked at much lower rates (if you consider stranger danger and not SOs). My point here is that everyone should have an eye out and be prepared but that doesn't mean you have to live in fear. Anyway , enjoy your (false) expectations.



https://popcenter.asu.edu/content/sexual-assault-women-strangers-0 /aka less than 20% of rapes committed by strangers

Edit: lol, sweet summer children who either don't see danger as being a possibility anywhere or don't understand how the deck is loaded for who gets the danger. Shrug. Enjoy belief but it doesn't change the world as much as the religious pray.

/u/reallygoodcommenter what a great argument, lol, thanks - please don't look at my actual studies. Jfc. Some asshole comes in here after I just tell people shit can happen, watch your back, and condescends to me with bs "data" because I'm a straight male and I drop facts about violence but yea, I'm the one with the confirmation bias, lol. I don't even know which particular thing I'm debating because that stupid fuck couldnt even say anything but moronically cherry pick their made up assumptions. Shrug. Bye


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/inserts rape van driving around downtown grabbing dudes


Always be ready, people crazy and they're everywhere

Edit: I lied, there is no danger and don't be ready because it's fake news and safety is had because other people are around to protect you...lol, jfc. Oh and if there IS danger men are fine and statistics that show otherwise, also fake news. And people who come at you hard about your privilege have no privilege of their own, also no matter what statistics say. Remember, if you don't agree, it's fake. <3


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...yes and words can mean different things, English words even have a definition and a definition with the opposite meaning. Here you're looking at the meaning in scientific studies of physics which is not how we are used ng these words. I have a law degree, which is sort of like a degree in communicating. You're indeed the Dillard for not even trying to parse what we're saying but somehow sticking your definition in when it obviously doesn't fit what we are communicating around it, which are called context clues and are used for children to start understanding language. Lol, good bye and enjoy being too clever and educated by half.


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...I don't think you understand what time dilation means here... EXPERIENCING a longer time than the "real" time is time dilation, we aren't speaking of...I'm not even sure what you're speaking, time travel?

Aka, SIMULATING an experience of time that does not parse with the "real" time passage, this would indeed have nothing to do with your real time age or time travel.


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I don't know I already feel like I've had some minor time dilation with drugs where my mind seems to go faster making time itself seem to go slower. So with that there seems to be at the very least a way to trick your brain into thinking it's had a longer experience than it's had. With some kind of neural implant and DNI with an even greater processing force who the fuck know what's you could trick the brain into experiencing.