RandomModder05 t1_j2b93wo wrote

"Splick Coo Griddle Henry Zhif-Tan! Quon How Mucha Mucha xoch Pow'hafta Screech Binga Koff. Meeanto Liiff'chu!" The large tentacled thing across from Anderson Cooper said. A moment later, it's translator rendered it into particularly awful English. "Firstly off the Contacting! Very badness! Monarch of Great Lizard Sapients Consume Ambassador! War Became!"

"I see," the reporter said, nodding his head in an practiced motion no different than you'd see in an interview with a politician having a sex scandal or a famous musician fresh out of rehab.

"Bring'UH! Tel'chanaka, Mucha Mucha Squeeeelllllll Preeettt he'Fou! Gondo Pref-Don Whooomuumnz! Pow'hafta Screech Binga Koff x'el x'el greeeee..." "You humans know of..." The translator cut out, beeping angrily. The alien made an unhappy sounding noise, opened the back of the translator, and switched out a blue bar with an identical blue bar. The translator beeped happily and continued to fail miserably at it's intended function. "You humans have knowing of this! The Greatening of the Tyranny is told of by you! You name Monarch of Great Lizard Sapients..."

"Teeaaaaaa Wreeeecccckkkzzz!"