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Yup. It was a big cluster f*** of a dinner party and I don't remember what it said on the menu but I did comment on the pieces being smaller than regular uni. The waitress went into a pretty long description of why it was different while she served us an entire ecosystem.

Umi Sake House in Seattle which is the cat's meow and bougie enough to go to the extra steps.


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I'm not certain but when I get uni that comes in small little strips it's not the invasive species?

Usually uni come in pieces that are maybe an inch across but they started coming in much smaller quarter inch pieces. A serving used to be maybe one or two pieces now they come as many little ones?


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Something like this would probably be a large sashimi platter which would cost somewhere between 100 and 140 bucks depending where you go. Then again there's definitely some unusual items for my area items on there so it could be more.

I would share this with one of the person with a couple other nigiri pieces a la carte. Probably add some uni because it's delicious and an invasive species in California.

I've never had it come on such a utilitarian service though. Usually it comes on a fancy platter and they stage the fish with shredded daikon radish and shisho leaves. At some places it can get very ornate.

Does anybody know what the first fish on the second row is?