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Without the moon, the Earth’s tides would be greatly reduced. Shorelines would function more like lakes than oceans. This doesn’t change 99% of the continent, but would have a huge effect on the edges.

The moon is also responsible for stabilizing Earth’s tilt. Without it, Earth’s seasons would be different. Instead of four seasons to a year, we would have many more. This would make the habitable zone of the planet smaller, though being near the equator would still be safe.


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Next you’ll tell me that Johnny Cash never shot a man just to watch him die or that Steve Miller couldn’t actually fly like an eagle. What a bunch of fakes! Does Cardi B even own leather pajamas?


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When I found out I was leaving Oregon for the foreseeable future, one of the last things I did was take a boat down the Rogue. Wanted that to be a lasting memory. Now my retirement goal is to get one of those houses on the banks near Grants Pass…