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I wouldn't be here right now if GoNetSpeed was available here. I know I'm going with fiber, that's not really my quam. I'm mainly concerned with Frontier outages that I hear about. But are those more frequent with their outdated DSL infrastructure? Is their fiber network more reliable?


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Easiest possible solution is air in the line. At the far right or far left (whichever is the end of the line) there will be a 90° elbows as it turns and goes back into the floor. On that elbow is plug. Turn your heat on so there is demand in the line. Loosen that plug and let the water flow out. It will be warm but shouldn't burn you. Just grab a bowl and towel. When the water flows smoothly with no gaps in flow, you have bleed all the air out.


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I'm sure everyone has had their good and bad experiences with any used dealership, but I have had very good luck with CarMax. Used them twice and my mom is on her third or fourth vehicle from there. As far as banks go, they check multiple banks for your loan. You can also check with your own bank to see what kind of loan they will do. That will also give you a better idea of your price range if you are pre-approved for your loan. CarMax also has the added value of the other CarMax locations. They will drive the car to your location for free if it's another close location. Three in CT. Waterbury, Hartford and East Haven. So a good size inventory between the three to choose from. Being a national brand, I have always felt more comfortable shopping here. I don't get the "how am I gonna get screwed over" feeling that I would get shopping at a local smaller pre-used dealership.