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And sometimes it's completely obvious.

If I usually eat in and never get food poisoning, then I splurge and get takeout, then six hours later I'm puking my guts out... do you really think it's that sandwich I made myself a week ago that's causing the problem?


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>Oh you mean those “A list” writers who happen to get 30 percent on rotten tomatoes and then see their movies bomb? Lol.

A movie is never going to be better than its script, and there are 100 ways it can go wrong once the writer is done writing.

>Hollywood is a joke and I’ve made half-assed efforts of getting in and I will probably never get in because I simply don’t have the connections.

I knew nobody when I moved to L.A., but I eventually landed an assistant job at an A-list prodco by learning the ropes and using my charm and intelligence to make myself memorable.

Unfortunately I was not a good enough writer to break through, but that part was on me.

>Being sent rejection notices for unsolicited material makes me laugh and just reminds me the industry is all just a “rich boys club”.

Sending unsolicited material shows that you don't know a damn thing about how Hollywood actually works. Maybe you should learn, as a first step.


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Reminds me of when A-list Hollywood screenwriters would attach themselves as director to a script, even if they didn't want to direct it.

The studio that won the bidding war for their script would then pay them an additional $200,000 (or whatever) if they would agree not to direct it.

Nice work if you can get it.