RatherBeATree t1_iv5joaf wrote

It's more like: fight/flight/freeze/fawn/faint. Most people can't feel sexually aroused in F mode, but plenty can. And trauma can absolutely be the thing to cross those wires. F mode isn't gonna produce an intimate social connection, but all that adrenaline is going to make it pretty easy to overpower someone and succeed in passing on the genes anyway. It's a pretty effective two-pronged approach. If the safe/social branch of the nervous system fails in a given environment, lizard brain is still there to save the species.

So, that's the male side. On the female side, cPTSD made me hypersexual. Before meds and therapy, I was always ready to go. And I was much more attracted to intimidating strangers than people I felt community with. Add in the fawn response which doesn't just make it hard to say 'no', it also makes it hard to not say 'yes'...

So not only did my body have a high drive for behaviors that would historically have lead to becoming impregnated, it was also driving me towards acquiring novel genes from strange, aggressive men. Thus passing along the PTSD response while combining it with genes more likely to prosper in an environment where the safe/social approach isn't working.