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Okay I’m gonna have to say don’t listen to this. Leaving jnj at that time is brutal to head to Jersey city at peak hours is hour and a half plus. It’s part of my commute believe me . Plus then getting all the way to Jersey city around peak hours is even worse when their is an accident on 78 which you’ll be forced to use… just saying. sincerely A LOCAL Im like 5 min from jnj and I’ve worked all over


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Somerville downtown is like that already it’s the nyc commuter hot spot. So I’d say your safe there. Also the whole area is under development so you’re one of many new people to join the area. I would say live close to jnj. Somerville downtown has a new lux apartment complex that’s next to train station to nyc, bars restaurants and lots of young people. You’ll also be happy to know we’re about a 40 min from nyc driving


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But from the other direction * 😂 … okay now Im just playing w u but also isn’t is so expensive to live over there right now ? I’m looking to buy a home for the first time and I always dreamed of nyc Jersey city life but with current inflation and just peoples craziness after covid I decided to look more towards hunterdon county and just bite the bullet and commute to the city area