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A Hero stands on a giant cliff, his cape heroically flies behind him while the sun shines over him. He looks down on the giant camp below, orcs filing in and out from their tents as they prepare to attack on a nearby village. But this hero is no any other, from the cliff, he dives into the camp as if there is something to catch them.

"Catch that thing!" A giant orc yells from the tents, I cannot see what they are as I am drenched by their blood. The Hero used me to slice, slash, stab, and parry and I in turn give him the power to overpower these hulking beings.


Unlike most heroes of these era, he never uses his shield and just let a giant mace hit him to the stomach, he came flying to the other side of the tank. I swore I hear him gasp from under that helmet but nonetheless, he stood up and finish them all in just a few slices.

"All Hail the Hero of the Sun!" The villager calls for his title, but never his name, he just accepts as the villager foolishly loves his hero alter ego and not that pathetic boy under that tin head. He just waves them off as he refuse to even take one bread from the piles of gifts that the villagers willing to give. He is unlike any foolish people like before who sacrificed their lives just to receive praise from the masses or even control the masses but nonetheless, they are just mere humans who would go back to the dirt where they once risen.

"Little boy Raoul," I call out his name, "It's still early in the morning, should we at least stay by an Inn to get some drinks?"

Raoul just shakes his head, "Orcs do not wait dear sword, and do you not want war and misery?"

Smart boy, he knows what I like, I love the screams of the living under me as I feel myself slashing through their bodies. I do not care of what my past user think, I just want them to sustain what I want: Their lives and the lives of others. However, he is unlike any other heroes, for I feel pity for my user for the first time in decades and centuries of being used.

And just like that, from the early morning to the late night, every orc camp at sight turns into a ghost camp. No orcs are at his mercy, even the orcs that cannot stand or yell goes under me.

Raoul is no hero and he is no man, he is a boy who seeks for vengeance against the race who killed his parents and took his little sister. And I am just a tool he uses to unleash his anger upon these living beings. Who is really the monster here? I do not know the answer.


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Your prompt caught my eye so I had to try it and you're welcome. And the reason why I chose gold because it somehow sound good without even thinking that gold is actually weak on its own and there are other stronger metals .X.


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From our primal ancestors to our 19th century forefathers, it took centuries and many wars for each races to form a union, peace. Things had change, from using letters to using phones , from using swords and bows to a "friendly" conversation.

Inside the house's basement, a human, a dwarf, and an elf decided to have a friendly conversation.

"My father is a hero," The Human claims, "He worked hard so that humanity can step more into space and to the unknown."

The Elf shakes their head, "More like a fool, why waste our lives just to see vast emptiness when there is more to discover in our beautiful planet?"

"Our ancestors had done that! We already had Grogle maps!" The Dwarf intervenes, "What's more mysterious are the lands below! There might be secret caves with undiscovered minerals right under us."

The three friends glare at one another, trying to intimidate one another.

"But what if there are more races that are waiting to be discovered?" The Human says, "Our technology could become more advance just like how our forefathers reunited and made the golden era of our people?"

"You humans do love to colonize other races," The Elf scoffs, the Human looks away embarrassed and the Dwarf just snickers, "We may know our planet but there is still more to learn from it, we will take advantage of our knowledge so no lives will go wasted unlike you two."

"Is this why you two are the most underdeveloped?" The Dwarf asks with a mocking tone, "The reason why we developed because of the minerals we gathered from below! Maybe there are minerals that are more stronger than gold but you two are busy with your fantasies of exploring something that is nothing."

The tension continues to rise as the three counters one another, trying to belittle ones claim and evidences. However, none wants to back down and if this continues, it might get messy.

"You three, settle down or I'll call mom."

The three freeze on their spot, silence finally overcomes the tension. By the stairs leading upstairs is the Human's elder sister, clear annoyance is written on her face.

"You think you could answer something that our grandparents could not answer?" The elder sister hisses, "I know this is just a mock debate, but it looks like you three are at each others' throat."

The three look down in defeat in unison, saying sorry to one another and almost losing their friendship to a mere topic.

"You three, what about talking about another topic other than that." The Elder Sister demands, the three nods and continue on their mock debate with a different topic. Hours pass and the two must go home, as they say their goodbyes and encouragement for the project tomorrow. The little Human turns to their elder as the guests are out of view.

"Tell me who is right?" The Little Human beams, "Humans are the greatest adventurers right? In space, we could reach even more than what we have here."

The Elder sister just shakes her head, "No one is right."

"Huh? Why?"

"Our pride runs deep into our veins, but you know what runs deep as well? Our thirst of learning more, to explore," She answers as if such answer is already embedded on her mind , "No matter how we fight, in the end, there is no right or wrong answer, only an answer."

"Children! Dinner is ready!"

The sister runs to the kitchen, ready to eat dinner. While the little human stays on the same spot as before, their ego bruised.

(This is a try, English is not my first language so it might not make sense)