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Anyways, "the co-op" is the sole recipient of all unclaimed deposit state wide. Bottles from Washington are not legal to take to BottleDrop in Oregon, but there's no technical measures in place preventing so. So, OBRC (the co-op) loses 10 cents for every Washington can redeemed in Oregon. The only thing preventing this from happening right now is staff intervention at redemption center where they may ask people to see their Oregon ID or receipt from people who arrive in Washington plated vehicles. So, the co-op is wanting to bottle bill Washington so their industry members can avoid having to code containers differently and to maximize opportunity on profiting on unclaimed deposit on Washington side if it's implemented.

From the article:

>The co-op is also involved in discussion around a bottle redemption program in neighboring Washington state, something Bailey said is the next big step forward for the region and a massive opportunity.
>“If Washington and Oregon were to have aligned systems, imagine being able to live in Vancouver, shop in Oregon, return your containers in Vancouver,” he said. “Have it be able to cross state lines. Imagine the sort of critical mass that you would get, of PET and aluminum and glass, and the cool things you could do with that – the next steps, the flaking, the pelletizing.”