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There is a place that I really like to go that has good deals and good quality. Good Day Farms on Campbell next to Harbor Freight Tools is a good place. The pre rolls are just ok though. They have a tendency to burn less even. The strains are good and have a lot of indica strains if that is what you like. Staff is helpful and the wait is not long but expect maybe 10-20 mins. William there is really good at educating people who are new to the experience. They also have a great reward program there.


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Jobs are not hard to find. Look down the street. Signal gas station hiring, Wendy's, Cheddars, Bass Pro shops, mowing yard businesses, any quick lube tire shop is hiring like Big O. Hospitals are hiring for maintenance and floor care but that takes a month to finally start. Delivery driver for pizza, Habitat restore is hiring. Those are just a few off the top of my head I know are hiring.


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Honestly I have a few controversial opinions on how to fix the homeless issue but the fine and jail time seems silly. How would they pay? Jail is just a free meal and bed and it will overcrowd the jails. Also some of the homeless want to be homeless, others have severe mental issues. Then you have the fake homeless begging for money. I don't think the city wants to do to actually fix the problem. So they try to treat and not cure the problem


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Have to say the best I had is Leong's. They use better quality cuts of meat. The full order is big enough to be two meals for me. Although you may pay a little more than the fast food style of orential food I find it is well worth it if you have a taste for lo mein. The beef lol mein is the best out of all of them but they have a veggie option as well as chicken and shrimp.


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I live down the street from the bass pro shop store. The light never bothers me. There are alot of areas around Springfield that are real dark so, for me, it nice to be able to see that part lite up. Maybe I am missing something but why some seem to be against Bass Pro and John Morris? The store, the construction there and the light never bothers me. Maybe I am missing something?


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There is good and bad with weed being legal. Yes more taxes for the state. But that doesn't mean we will benefit from the extra money, just the politicans. As well as other positive things but in exchange we may also see worse driving habits inside Springfield, More wreaks and DUI arrests. Increase in car insurance rates, Even worse customer service at places of business. The local homeless community may even grow because they may come here and use their state aid to buy it. More thefts and property damage. And if you get pulled over it may even police will search alot more cars for that little bit of shake on your floor mat in order to write you that DUI ticket. The courts will be even more over worked by the Karen's and people who get pulled over for that tiny amount of shake on their floor mats. I mean there is a lot of what ifs that could happen but I just expect at the very least higher car insurance rates and extremely poor customer service at restaurants, delivery drivers and stores are coming. As well as the job market will be hurt because employees may pick weed over working and collect unemployment if businesses that pay well decide to not hire if you are high. So in all. Your car insurance goes up. Your order for your food will be wrong or not cooked correctly. And your property value will drop because your neighbors may choose who made your messed up order at taco bell makes 16 an hour but is too high to maintain his lawn or house dropping the home value in your neighborhood lol


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Bass pro shops usually is a good spot to go. Not saying the aquarium because that is not cheap but the store itself is like a big outdoor museum. They also have a gun museum in their and a boat section. Also has some turtles and fish and some alligators on display. Lots of stuffed animals. Sequoia Park is also a nice park. Has a trail and a big lake that birds tend to go to. Also has a playground for kids. Also Google neighborhoods that do Christmas light shows. Those are pretty cheap and always a nostalgic classic.


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Asian King Buffet also been called Kings Buffet on Glenstone in Springfield is pretty decent. Quick to seat you and pretty quick turn around on food at buffet. I go there alot when craving Asian style buffet food. For the best price go around 12-4 to skip the dinner price increase. I think on Fridays the price is more because it is crab day also. Have to call to find out. But for great Asian style food have to say Leong's is my first choice. It is not a buffet but the portions are very big and the service is excellent. Prices are moderate though but the quality of the food is top tier.