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The man watched as Rowen scanned the items he brought, going greener and greener around the gills. "That's 379.85 sir. Cash or credit?" she tilted her head, looking amused as the man continuously checking his phone.

"Is something wrong, sir?" the man looked up, paling. "no-no! Everything's fine! just, er, waiting for my pay to come in..." he said, his voice getting quieter. "All good!" Rowan said, putting on a fake smile that seemed to actually reassure him.

She scanned his attire, a light blue one-piece suit with accents of yellow, torn and showing bruised or crusted, bleeding skin. "First day on the job?" She asked nodding at the char marks scattered among the other damages.

"yes ma'am" He said, "Heatwave doesn't mess around..." Rowan chuckled at his feeble answer. "I would recommend checking out the shop across the street. they love new supers. You get pretty good deals for suits there too."

a man she instantly recognized popped in line behind the other, in a crisp black suit and tie. "You talking about Cape-mania? love that place" he grinned, placing a hand on the now shaking man in front. "e-evening, Mr. Heatwave..." he said, and the suited man placed a shopping border in front of where he would put his groceries.

"Lovely so see you so soon, Clear Skies! Though you can call me Gabe" Heatwave winked, seemingly unnerving Skies more. "Alrighty Mr. Gabe." he held out a hand with amusing cautiousness. "Luke"

As they shook hands Rowan laughed. "What a lovely reunion. Now, Luke, how's your pay coming along?" she added impatiently, desperate to keep the now growing line of supers and villains coming at a smoother pace.

Luke, as if just remembering that Rowan was there, quickly grabbed his phone and scrolled though it, his face brightening after a few more anxious frowns. "Yes! I'm so sorry Miss-" he looked at her nametag, "-Rowan. I must be holding up one dozy of a line..."

He quickly payed, shuffled his bags in his trolly, and whisked out of the checkout. Gabe laughed as he piled his things on the counter. "He needs to get a new job. I would go easy on him, but money aint falling from the sky" Rowen nodded.

"Couldn't agree more. now be snappy, the shop may be open 24/7 but my own pay says i got until twelve am." the villain, with a total of only $14.96- including the 10c bag- walked out of the shop, waving to a few of his friends.

The line of costumers slowly thinned out as the night went on, and Rowan left the supermarket at last, glancing at the sky scattered with stars. The moon was bright that night, and she could see at least ten figures in the air, fighting or talking or anything in-between.

What a strange world I live in... Though I can't imagine a world any different now. Rowan thought, heading off into the night.


Please let me know what you think! this is my second story here haha :D


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In a barren wasteland a person lay, her back to the ground. she was bleeding in from her chest, stomach, and her two giant white feathered wings were painted scarlet. A truck pulled up to the creator she'd made on impact as she whispered two words. "Rhye... why?"