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Just FYI; in Japan they're teaching the robots to self-repair, and I've heard cases of people make robots that fix other robots, essentially creating a perfect loop of redundancy so that no robot will ever be down.

Will there always be jobs? Yes. But the better question is; WILL you get said scarce jobs, if you don't have the right certifications, don't know if it's even worth learning for said jobs if there's just another AI around the corner who can take over your job 20x faster than a human being can, and, if it really ONLY can be a human being; you'd be competing against hundreds of other applicants.

You are going to run out of your money eventually. And government funds can only give out so much to people as joblessness increases.


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For real. People don't understand how alarmingly quick AI is going to grow and quote me on this because it IS going to happen: People are going to lose their jobs to AI robots because they can learn much faster, plus they can keep them running 24/7. CEO's WILL choose robots over humans, all in the name of profit. And it IS already happening as we speak. For example, 20 million automation jobs are going to be lost to automation by 2030.

Nvidia said in the next 10 years, AI is going to be a million more times advanced than it is now, and with supercomputers, this is going to be even worse.

AI needs regulation, and human life is in serious danger. And I don't mean in the way of rebelling AI robots, no. This is going to be a slow, structural decline of the society we've built so far. First, it's the manual labor folks. Then, once we can automate and learn AI how to manage data entry/office jobs, it's the white collar folks.

And they're not gonna compensate these folks. They don't care. Back then in the automation phase nobody got anything. You just get fired and that's it.

You can "nah, AI isn't growing that quick besides it's not usable right now it's so inefficient." me all you want, but go tell that to computers. Tell that to the internet. Tell that to mobile phones. They ALL got the same comments in the beginning, and look at where we are now.

Even Stephen Hawking warned us about it before he died. We need to regulate this because it is structurally endangering humanity, where only the elite who own companies are going to be left. (Even though I won't be surprised if this causes a serious civil war against the rich once they've claimed all wealth for themselves. Think full on raids to kill people like Elon or Bezos.)

Stephen Hawking also specifically stated it's either the best thing or the worst thing that's ever going to happen to us. But if we keep valueing money over people like we are now, it IS going to be the worst thing.


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Is it bad if you tell your friends something like this? Not in the way of "Oh your problems aren't actually that bad"

But moreso on the side of "Look at it this way; yes, it sucks right now; bit on the bright side; this and this opportunity opened up for you."

More as a way to say; even during negative moments in your life; pathways and possibilities to a brighter future are laid out for you.