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Cause temperature isn’t the only factor. I’m lucky in that my area is with power, but the winter storm was a mix of high winds and fluctuations in temperature around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. So rain was coming down, turning into ice, and a few hours later it would freeze again just to melt later on. I’ve lived here for seven years and this was one of the worst one’s I’ve seen


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Yah I had something like this happen in my dorm in college. Shit happens and the fact that a boil water advisory was put out is a good thing. It shows that these issues are caught quickly, the public gets notified ASAP, and that things can get back to normal quickly. I’d prefer that over “oh shit, it’s been like this all day and we just found out”


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Not French, but checked it and Wikipedia says that La petite mort is French for little death and is in fact a euphemism for an orgasm. Now I’m curious about this quote because it’s originally from Dune. I need to know how it was translated to French lmao