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I have a nice pair of red wing boots that I like to take care of, so I use the same care products on my oxxy bags once a season. All of mine are red wing brand but don’t have a monopoly by any means, there are plenty of good brands.

  • Wipe down with mild leather-safe detergent.
  • Apply leather conditioner. Allow to dry fully. The bags in my pic are on the drying step.
  • Apply waterproofing spray. Allow to dry overnight

And you’re done!


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This guide looks pretty good.

Personally I look out for top grain or full grain. There should be a distinct leather smell, different from how a cheap leather wallet smells.

If it’s a local leather shop, I’d ask someone who works there what grade of leather they use and how it’s treated; quality craftsmen like showing off.


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Is that a jab at my work ethic? You’re lucky my shop didn’t have the parts I needed and I didn’t want to make a run so I took the excuse to go home early 😤 The next time I see you and I’m not on minute 19 of a ten minute break, it’s on sight 🥊


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I have some red wing shoes, so I use the same care kit I already have. Every season I clean with a mild detergent, use red wing oil conditioner, then spray on some light waterproofing (PNW lol)

Do you like the saddle oil ?


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Sure—it’s thick, top-grain leather with strong stitching and rivets. Built like a tank.

How it holds up after twenty years? No idea, haven’t had it twenty years yet.


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Carhartt sells a modular nylon/canvas tool belt system that seemed pretty reasonably priced to me.

It’s handy you can only buy the pieces you really think you’ll need—I carry a stupid amount of screwdrivers at work, but maybe you don’t need as much real estate for home improvement projects.