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Completely agree, I've actually gotten into arguments with people who legitimately believe that parallel universes are real and supported by scientific evidence, and then they cite a bunch of theoretical articles that are only supported by more theories.

There's an entire pseudoscience subculture built around theories like parallel worlds, time travel, higher dimensions, simulation theory, etc. Literally just things that science fiction writers made up from their imaginations but because of decades of pointless theoretical "research" and theories built upon more theories people are now convinced they are real.

The best way to advanced human knowledge and understanding of the universe is to observe and study the universe, pulling a fantastical theory out of nowhere and then spending decades trying to prove its existence is backwards and futile.


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Multiverse Theory is pure science fiction. There is absolutely no hard evidence that multiverses exist, any "science" based around it is built off of nothing but speculation and mathematics that have never been supported by real observations. It's theories based on theories based on more theories, it's not real science.

It's insane to me that scientists are spending their time trying to prove theories that were literally created by science fiction writers. Almost everything we know about the universe we learned through observation and decades of study, we didn't just randomly come up with a fantastical idea and then spend years trying to prove it's a real thing. Time travel, multiverses, simulation theory, higher dimensions; all of that was conceived from science fiction and now because "scientists" have spent decades creating "research" around it people actually think it's real science. None of it is based in reality, those theories formed in an echo chamber where they were carefully crafted into a convincing pseudoscience.


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>The odds are against it turning out good.

I mean, statistically that literally isn't true. Thousands of people use these apps to hook up everyday and the amount of times it goes wrong is a very small percentage. I've used Grindr dozens of times and parted ways with the guys without any conflict at all.