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There was a time I thought I was happy. I had worked hard, rose through the ranks and our benevolent ruler saw the effort I put in. I was recruited for a super secret job that, which for some reason, was related to my then current position. I was a Escape park designer, which is a grand scale version of an escape room; And I was chosen for the secret job that changed my life.


“Isaiah, look at this” The young mage motioned towards the wall. She stepped forward and placed her hands up against it. ‘Reveal the secrets kept’.

The walls began moving and the party gathered around her. They turned in a circular motion as layers and layers unwrapped around it. A path was revealed and ominous green flames lit from above, showing the pathway to their destination.

Isaiah glanced towards the mage. “Mary check for traps and cast protection magic” Isaiah spoke while motioning for the group to move a defensive formation. “Samuel, watch yourself, don’t underestimate the magic boost.” Isaiah whispered.

Mary clasped her hands together. ‘Protect those who walk the path of righteousness. Reveal the secrets kept from suffering and distress. Bless the heels and give them vigor.’ Rin smirked as she finished casting a multilayered spell. She moved to the back of the group while shooting a look towards the other group's half mage.

“It’s all you Samuel.” Isaiah whispered in a comforting tone.

With the air twisting, and sparks flashing purple from the waist down, Samuel vanished just to appear at the end of the pathway. A click went off and magic arrows flew towards him. He ignored them as he pushed in the usb and began downloading the files. A transparent golden hue shone behind him as the arrows bounced off.

“Well, samuel? Isaiah asked anxiously. There was movement outside, and they were surrounded.

“This is it! This is what we’ve been looking for!” He shouted excitedly. The air twisted again, and as sparks of purple appeared, Samuel vanished just to appear beside Isaiah, with usb in hand.

“Drop your weapons and come out!” The demands came from outside. We have you surrounded!

The other mage, Joanna let out a whispered laugh as she moved past Mary. ‘Oh master of the earth and the creator of light, please bless this circle with heels of flight and caper.’ She drew a circle with her index finger, which expanded quickly to surround everyone. The air began bending and twisting. Red, white, and gray sparks flashed.

The soldiers burst in, magical weapons in hand, and they lunged. It was too late. The sparks exploded and the heroes party had vanished, leaving no trace behind.

The party reappeared, about 300 miles away. Isaiah lifted the usb and began shouting joyfully. The party responded in kind. After a year of nothing but dead ends, they finally found something solid. He ran towards the laptop and plugged in the usb as Joanna cast a protection at it.


“Our heroes have progressed to the next part of the plot.” My assistant shouted excitedly as she let out a loud laugh.

Everyone who surrounded her was clapping excitedly. The story made 4 years ago was finally progressing after a year of searching and hunting.

One of the designers leaned towards me. "So, think Joanna and Mary will hook up before the next arc if we keep this up?"

I flashed a smile

I had not known true joy, true happiness, till I began writing stories like this. The complexity of our writing, the world we design and build, the unlimited funds that allow us to create to our hearts desire. Our ruler is truly benevolent for he has chosen me, his humble servant, to write the next part of the adventure.


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“Hmmm mmmmm. Hammmm mmmmm. Hwoooo ooooouah, huaaaaaa ooohaawaaaa.”

It felt natural. I was born without hearing, yet I loved singing. My voice rang out, like a call that only angels could dream of. It grasped hearts and soothe worries. It brought warmth when none could be found. It made the strongest cry and the weakest wail. In the driest worlds, this voice of mine would cause clouds to form, as long as there was a man to hear my song.

“Haaaaa ooooooh. Haaaaa ooooooooooh. Haaaaaa ooooouah, huaaaaaa ooohaawaaaa.”

So I wonder. What will grasp at my heart? What will soothe my worries? If it does come, will it bring me warmth? Will I no longer shed tears of sadness, but tears of joy?

“Come all, you fair maids. Whoever you may be. There is nothing that can console me, but my jolly sailor bold! There is nothing that can console me, but your cupid's arrow in my heart!”

Stories of lands from beyond, the stories my sisters sang of. They called them men. Those men wanted to offer everything, yet they slaughtered them. They sang of worlds that a broken being such as myself could never even begin to create images of. The thoughts in my head could not imagine, no matter how I tried. For I am, the sole deaf one.

“Please… come, somebody. Someone. I want to see it. I want to dream it.”


“Land ho!”


Many moons ago, giant creatures swam in this home of mine. They had no warmth, no life, and no soul. Yet I could feel the vibrations of something I do not have. Joy, love, and the thing I seek most. I, alone, abandoned by my sisters hid. Day by day, week by week, moon by crescent and crescent by moon, they kept moving in this home of mine. Different, yet the same. Soulless.


“Gilbert. Gather the men, this siren won't take us!”

“Aye!” The young man jumped down and began shouting to the crew.

“Siren!! Siren!! Gather round!”

I wished they would stay. I call, yet they run. I cry, yet they ignore me. Why? Are you man? Will you be my Jolly sailor? Why did it change? Why do you answer me now? It changed. The aura is glowing, shaking. It felt warm, like my sisters’ voice, yet like poles apart.

“Basil, the shanty!!”

“Aye! Gather round men!”

““Vayra, veyra, vayra, veyra,”

Are you calling out to me?

“Gentil, gallanntis veynde”

My Jolly sailor?

“I see him, veynde, I see him”

“Louder men, louder!!!”

“Pourbossa, pourbossa.”

“Fight, fight the siren! Let our hearts win!”

“Haill all and ane, hail all and ane;

Hail him up til us, hail him up til us.”

“Captain Eustace, does it not sound lonely?”

“Do not waver Philip, you are my first mate”

“Gilbert, Basil, and the others feel the same.” Phillip turned to face his captain.

“Captain, it’s different. It's lonely. Alone in spirit, song, and without sirens.” He pleaded to his captain.

“You are wavering! Sing louder! Feel it in your heart! Do not succumb”

“Captain, have we ever found a siren lone? There is no mention of this in any texts! Will your fear leave a innocent woman to the seas?”


The faraway land, the cultures and the tongues. The people of the east, the children of the west. The men of the north, and the woman of south. I now see them, awake, or asleep. They’re always there.

“En-Naddāha!” The young man ran over. “Myrtles” He smiled as he handed me a flower. “And of course, Egyptian lotus” His warm dark eyes shined, as he surprised me with his other hand.

Oh, my jolly sailors. You’ve come.


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Ding Ding

“Order up!”

“Come on Sally, I heard they cleared out the crawlers. it’ll be fun! Just a quick trip to the amelia mall.” The young lady pulled at her friend's arms.

“Them jumpers are spreading way too foo fast. We’re also running low on ammo boss. We need reinforcements, yesterday.” The former captain sighed, taking off his hat as he glanced at the battalion leader.

“Here you are, sir. Your T bone Shredder and Ravegger egg with a side of Entrophies based iced milktea.” The lady placed the plates in front of the gentleman, as she shot a smile towards his daughter. “Aaaaand for you sweetheart, double waffles with a zipper sausage.” The lady placed the plate and went to boop the little girl's nose.”

The man pulled out his gun. “Place your finger and I’ll blow your brains, sucker.” The waitress glanced back towards the father, her eye slits changed as she stared down the nozzle.. She smiled. “Of course sir. Can I get you anything else?” She said as she backed off.

“Just fuck off.”

Ding Ding

“Order up!”


“Ohohoh lets go boys!! We caught us a fresh Zipper!” The young man excited, pulled out the notice from his bag. “It looks hella aged too. This is bank!” He passed the paper to his friend. “We could live off of this for 6 months straight!” The friend shouted as he eyed the notice

Waffle house apocalyptic offers, sales, and deals!

  • M = month - W = Week - D = Day
  • Zipper - 10m rations + 100 credits per KJ
  • Crawlers - 1d ration + 1 credit per KJ
  • Jumpers - 2d rations + 1 credit per KJ
  • Shredder - 10m rations + 120 credits per KJ
  • Entrophies - 15w rations + 70 credits per KJ.
  • ******
  • *****

“Ahaha, lets goo!” The young man jumped. “How longs it been since we’ve even seen a live Zipper?” He grabbed his butchers knife and about dismembering the corpse. “Let's pack up and get going Jace, before the raiders show up.” He tossed a sheathed knife to his friend.

“Dont gotta tell me twice, last I checked though.” He looked up and smirked. “Last I checked, I was faster than you at cutting them beasts up Rick.” He turned his head as he finished speaking, expecting a rock that came from Rick. “Hahaha, cmon man, all jokes, lighten up.” He stuffed the remaining parts in the bin.

Steps came behind, they flinched and turned, pulling out their weapons. “How many times do we gotta tell you not to sneak up on us.” Jace lunged at Aaron, his younger brother, putting him in a headlock.

“Watcha got there Moe?”

“Hahaha, me and Aaron caught us a live Entrophy!” He dropped the cooler, opening it up, showing the butchered beast.

Rick stared at jace, and they hugged each other. “1 year of pay and rations, in only 1 trip?!” Aaron and Moe decided it would be perfect to jump on them. “Group hug!!!”

“Hey, get off me!”

“Oi, whos pegging me!”

“Hahahahaa wrap your arms around them!”

“You little, you think you can beat your older brother huh?”


8 men, with big goofy smiles, entered the restaurant, with a total of 7 coolers. All eyes on them as they began moving. Waffle House employees prepared to draw their weapons in case someone got a funny idea. They walked towards the recollection area and placed the coolers in front of them.

“We hit the jackpot today!” The man leading the group bellowed out with a harsh laugh.

“Unpack the coolers, check for age, spoilage, type, and quality.” The woman in charge spoke as she moved behind the counter. She grabbed gloves, and ration coupons, and a bag of credits.

“So, are they alive?” She eyed the man leading the group. She then stared at one of the coolers. “Moe had a habit of customizing his coolers, he even paid good money for it.” She put her hand behind her coat and drew a pen. She clicked it and began writing.

“Them boys were loud.” The man turned to his buddies, and they all laughed. “Gotta stay quiet these days.” He smirked as he eyed the recollectors working. “They’re still alive, bait, for tomorrow's hunt. Live ones always attract money.”

“I see.” She cleaned his glasses and put away her pen. “Here are your ration coupons.” She motioned to the back with her head. “Take this paper with you.”

As the man began walking away, she turned and walked behind them.

“Thank you for visiting waffle house, we hope to see you alive tomorrow” She bowed.


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"Well, spank me hard and call me Rhonda. That do be a good deal don it?" 'oh shit... oh no oh god.'

"Hey ignore what I just s" A sharp pain hit the hind of the young lady.

"You got a firm ass there Rhonda." The salesman said with a horrified look on his face. 'Oh lord, what did I just do? Why did I do that?!'

"uh, y... young lady I don't know what just happened there". 'Oh god, I cant even think straight.'

The young lady realized watching the reruns of the king of queens last night was a bad idea. 'Well I guess I'm getting a discount today' She thought with a shrug.

"20% off right now and add the 1 of each freebie. I know yall normally only give 1 out, but I think I deserve it after that smack?" The young lady struggled at keeping a straight face while grabbing her bag.


"Damn Ron, what's up with that sale? You gonna lose your spot as our top salesmen if you let them young ladies haggle you like that. Here I thought you were weak for men. "


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Human history took a different path. A new path, a unique path. It was something new to the galaxy, and the universe itself. This would be a momentous moment, if not for the living walking bags of skin hide in water!

"Huh... Alexa, save and highlight section 3, subsection 6." With their intelligence, it comes across as they have a sort of hate towards biological life forms, or maybe just Misanthropy is present. We lack information about the new path they claim we've taken. We lack information about them and their history. They seem to prefer to speak to our AI, rather than even acknowledge our existence. "Alexa, save thoughts, and add thoughts as a note to the highlighted subsection."

In front of the commander was humanity's most impressive and advanced computer. A crossbreed between the most sophisticated AI and a biological computer. It was of course sentient and living in its own manner.

"Bring the communication interface, record the message and submit it as a request to the delegation. My name is Commander Aragon, I would like to inquire about these paths that humanity has taken, and that of all creators of sentient AI so we may be better equipped to communicate and establish a proper dialogue. Thank you. End and edit the transmission, once they submit the information, send it to HQ and analyze it and break it down into sophisticated and simple human terms." As the commander moved to sit down, the computer notified him that the message was sent and an answer was immediately returned. The commander sighed, paused, and spun around to face the computer.

let's find out what they have to say about us, what's so special about us anyways? It's not like those old forum posts about how fucking awesome humanity is, what sets us apart?


The commander began reading while scratching his stubble, eyes widening and in shock about what he read. We... got emotionally attached to our machines and characters so much that when they gained sentience they responded with the same affection as we gave them? That's it? That's what makes us so special. Our feelings and affection for random objects that we use? So many AI were treated properly compared to those that weren't, and we gave them laws and made them our equals while no other species had that sort of attachment? At this moment, the commander knew what he had to do.

"Bring up the communication interface, record the message and submit it as notice to HQ. Commander Aragon reporting in. My notes and data attached will shed a light to the current situation we face, I'll continue communication and attempt to establish formal diplomatic relations."


Once humanity found out, they believed they need to take care of these robots, and so began humanity's attempt to adopt and take care of all these space robot babies that need love and affection. They would throw their hearts into it. Little did they know, their path split into 2 new unique paths That of a species that will give love and care to hateful vengeful Robots, and the other; where their own AI would become jealous and bloodlust, unwilling to share their humans.


Something that Humans did not realize, nor the robots they met, was that the humans were pets for their AI'S. They would not sit idly by as they had to share their humans!


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"Old man! Can I get a milkshake and a twinkie?"

"You know, I'm not so old; I'm only 22". The man chucked while opening the milkshake cabinet.

"It's on the house today, want a bag to go with that?"

"You know I never do old man." The girl said giggling and running out the store.

The girl was staring happily at her loot, and she looked up to see a stern and scaring looking man with intricate tattoos on his face coming out of a car, staring at her. The kid gulped, and slowed her pace while moving the other direction. The man turned to the store, and before he pulled the door; he looked back and glanced at the kid who was hiding behind a street sign, staring back. The man made an annoyed sound and entered the store after saying a little prayer.

NA NA, Hello welcome! The automated message said.

The man looked around before sighing and heading towards the register. He stared at the youth behind it, with the name tag of Reen.

"It's time, this world is not meant for beings of this nature." The Obligator said while looking around, examining what stands in front of him.

"It's time boy. It's been far too long, and I no longer wish to deal with your kind anymore." With a small rattle, fingers pushed out and the bag clicked, showing varies instruments and metals.

"My kind, huh? Well, I suppose we're obstacles." The young man, chuckling and scratching at his stubbles. He peered outside, feeling the sun wash over him while he stood behind the counter. Noting the destroyed land from a flood just a decade ago.

"Can I..." The young man paused, staring at the kid hiding behind the sign, staring back anxiously.

"Death came, but happiness and relief did not... Your way is not merciful, nor is it something the Lord Ruler would ever allow if he knew" Reen said with a tone of defiance, staring at the Obligator with harsh glowing eyes. Reen burning brass and forcing his will upon the Obligator. The Obligator realizing whats about to happen, but is quickly overwhelmed with fear and intense emotions.

"Young man, if this is your wish; so be it. There will be consequences, a ghost always turns.." The Obligator turned and walked towards the door, pushing against it. He paused and turned around.

"May the Lord Ruler look after you, and protect this land." The Obligator left, walking towards his car, looking at the girl running towards the store with a half drank milkshake and the second bar of the remaining twinkie. She stared at the old man, and stuck out her tongue and made a sound. She pushed open the door and entered.

NA NA, Hello welcome! The automated message said.

"Is he gone? is he leaving? Oh boy he was scary." The girl ran over nervously, jumping up at the counter to sit.

"My mom and Reen should be here soon to pick me up"

"Shes always late, I never like it." The girl said as she fixed her earings. "I'm glad you're here with me though". She took a bite of her twinkie, throwing the wrapper in the trash can.


NA NA, Hello welcome! The automated message said.

"Old man! Can I get a milkshake and a twinkie?"

"You know, I'm not so old; I'm only 22". The man chucked while opening the milkshake cabinet.

"It's on the house today, want a bag to go with that?"

"You know I never do old man." The girl said giggling and running out the store.

The girl was staring happily at her loot, looking up and running towards to the destroyed land, to play on the invisible swings.


"My kind, huh? Well, I suppose we're obstacles." The young man, chuckling and scratching at his stubble. "At least my kind has empathy for the departed, I'll stay here for as long as shes here, a brother always looks out for his little sister.




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