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Of course! But these rumors are from the most reliable leakers that called the last few iterations, including how the 14 was supposed to have new features and a more significant processor speed increase, then the same leaker(s) announced they were going to be delayed until the next year, and they were right again.


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Right, but the 14 Pro wound up being an iteration. It was supposed to have ray tracing and a completely rethought camera system. But it didn’t. The 15 is going to be the one to get. So unless your current phone is unusable I would hold out because the 14 Pro is not worth the upgrade from my 13 Pro.


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The 70s were weird. I was only a kid but it seemed like the entire world in the 70s was a bell-bottomed was a filthy, rapey, child-abducting, cigarette-smoking, Quaalude-popping, bell-bottom-wearing, airline hijacking, am-radio-listening fever dream has crisis with big dumb collars. I mean, the decade started with The Beatles breaking up. Talk about a harbinger.


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Polish people are super not cool with LGBT. And don’t even mention black folks. Source: I’m second generation American born Polish with a huge racist, homophobic extended family.


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When I was relatively young and dumb, I saw this with a group of friends in a theater in Schaumburg, IL, with plans of grabbing dinner then hitting Shelter in Chicago afterwards. Turned out the theater was filled with camp survivors and their families. It is already a powerful film, but the reverent, pin-drop silence of the audience punctuated only by muted gasps and sobs was extra devastating. Needless to say there was no dinner or clubbing afterwards; we decided to just go straight home and hug our parents.