Real_Presentation552 t1_ixysmlq wrote

Call them and they will adjust it. It looks like a problem with the old meter. You were estimated at zero usage for months (look at the bar graph - that’s what the E means). Then we changed the meter we finally got a read. But even with that said you see the new read is 1205 in comparison to last month at 1599..the system billed it forward causing a wrap read when instead it should have been billed backwards. Since 1599 was an estimate they can change that to 1204 so that it falls in line with the actual of 1205 then it will be 1 kWh instead of 99999.

I saw this without knowing the rest of your billing history though. If you were being billed 0 kWh for years and years then this bill can be accurate. This is an area lighting account - is this commercial lighting? If so and you are using this meter then it’s it should’ve rang a bell when you were being billed for zero for the last year. But give them a call and a rep will see the entire picture.

Source: PSEG rep