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Yeah they typically dictate a bands tour schedule, the band has little to no say in which venues they play in, and may be obligated to play in cities/venues they otherwise wouldn’t.

I frequent Dave Matthew’s Band shows and they recently stopped going to Alpine Valley (legendary gorgeous venue) to instead play northerly island which is a flat field in Chicago and it fucking sucks. They openly prefer alpine, it used to be a special stop for them every year, which now livenation/TM does not let them do anymore.

I’m tellin ya it just takes a few of these artists to say enough and they’ll all join the fight, at least i like to hope lol


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I feel like the problem has gotten so ridiculously out of hand that hopefully other artists jump on board. It just takes one or two artists to jump on board for everyone else to pile on.

Also maybe now with the internet, large groups of angry fans can have a bigger impact. Swifties will do anything for their girl lol


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And even further, when people are referring to herpes as an STI they’re referring to herpes simplex 2 which is only spread via genitals and tends to affect genitals. Meanwhile, ~2/3 of the population carries herpes simplex 1, it’s just cold sores and can be treated effectively w oral/topical antivirals.

Herpes Zoster is chicken pox, but people don’t realize the virus never leaves your body, it just lays dormant. Decades go by until herpes zoster flares up and causes painful shingles. There’s a vaccine, everyone over age 50 should get it.