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Starting in 1975, there was great writing from Chris Claremont, great art from many top talents, and the characters themselves had a lot of appeal. It was a killer combination.


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In the War of 1812, the US wasn't doing too good until Andrew Jackson won the Battle of New Orleans by killing over 2000 British troops.

The bummer was that the peace treaty had been signed in Europe 15 days earlier, but news traveled a lot slower back then.


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I remembered when they quietly divorced. She was asked what caused it in one interview and just answered:

"Honesty is such a lonely word."

I was laughing about how savage it was to use a musician's lyrics against him.


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There's an urban legend about a morning biology lab in high school. The teacher had the students scrape their mouths and try to identify cells with a microscope, supposedly there's a few different types in the mouth.

One girl had blown her boyfriend before school and asked the teacher why her cell was different than everyone else's. The teacher looked and awkwardly said "That's a sperm cell."