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You are going to need significant (minimum 15-20k) increases in all school employee salaries just for them to be somewhat competitive. The brain drain is real. I know many current teachers who are on their way out and someone told me the other day that Henrico had lost a huge number of custodial and maintenance workers over the last year to both the private sector and other places paying much higher salaries. I have worked with a bunch of teachers who are looking to buy a home and single teachers are being effectively priced out of most markets in the area. This along with all of the other work condition issues is leading us to a true crisis that I don’t think enough people are talking about. There is literally no one waiting to replace them. As a parent with young kids, I am extremely scared for what education will look like over the next 10 years.


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HH Hunt is a good builder. Like all builders they have some annoying practices but in general they are a solid company. I had clients recently build with them in Hanover and Chesterfield and have shown their homes in Rivers Mill. I don’t want to bash any other builders specifically but they are far superior to some of the other builders mentioned in this thread.


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I had a client recently buy on Fairmount and another sell on 22nd. It’s great being so close to downtown and a cool area. The big issues are who flipped the house. If it was a solid company it can be a great deal but there are some really awful flips in the area too. Just my two cents but I think that this will continue to be a popular area as the city continues to expand.


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Kinda old but Putt-Putt is still a good option as it offers both indoor/outdoor activities in a fenced-in area. We did my sons 7th birthday here. If you want a fancier option do Top Golf and get on the lower right level where they have the putting greens. It’s a bit pricey but not insane.