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It's an old meme from that we basically just have "magic" through raw force, and call this submission "technology".

A battery is basically like lightning in a bottle, being pushed through sand and metal to think. A quartz crystal oscillates at a frequency and is used to keep track of time.

(And almost everyone has this in their pocket)


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Somehow a demon, a creature of darkness had been tricked by a child. Such an insult had not happened since Solomon. This child had a level of control that no person in history could match. He was the general of all demon kind, all had followed him.

Little Sarah had no idea who the strange man was, the ingredients had spilled off of the counter, something shiny had pricked her finger and it hurt. A strange-looking figure in a dark bedsheet stood in front of her. He placed a piece of paper on the ground, but as she looked closer the ink smeared into an mess.

Upon the touch of blood the document was sealed, little did she know that the part about her soul had been ruined. The demon struck the man, gun flying out of his hand. The bodies of Sarah's parents lay lifeless in a pool of blood, their murder joined them as a pile of viscera.

Only the demon could not leave or take her soul when he tried, he looked around and saw a contract. He had dropped a contract, his contract, and now he was stuck. The little girl was glancing around scared and confused had how a demon had appeared.

"I'm hungry, when we eat?" Sarah clearly was shocked and yet still hungry due to the lunch spread on the floor mixing with the blood. The demon felt compelled to make food, even if they had no knowledge of human customs or dietary requirements. A single long groan spilled out of its mouth.