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As a MSc student summarizing academic papers is one of the primary ways to retain information. I get that some students see it as a ‘chore’, but honestly, as long as writers index their articles and write an abstract this function is nearly useless..

(Although I have to admit the Wiki entry on space bears is awesome)


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Yes I feel like, as with Amazons attempt at other things such as a fantasy series, they are only in it for the money.

Musk is obviously also in it for the money, but he comes from a place where he really wants space exploration and colonization to be a thing.

It’s telling when Musk hasn’t gone to space, but Bezos did and treated it like some glamour PR stunt.


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You cannot solve problems by just throwing money at them. You need people who are motivated, who want to innovate and who are proud to work for their company.

Amazon has a track record of treating their employees like shit time after time and instead of making them feel valued making them feel easily replaceable.