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It'd s lot of squatting and lunging with 35 lb or less items, so interestingly women's better leg muscle to body weight ratio would make them pound for pound more efficient.

They also seem to take better care of themselves and adopt better body mechanics faster (I train new hires and younstsrt noticing patterns).


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That's a weird place to go. I work in an Amazon warehouse with 3k employees and I wouldn't be surprised if more of them were women. A lot of the highest performers, too.


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Aliens: So how did you get your ship so fast without warpsrive?

Humans: "oh we set off nukes behind ourselves and ride the explosion."

Aliens: "the fuck? How did you nit destroy your planet already?"

Humans: "oh no, we get to the explosion ships by shooting a smaller ship with lasers to send it to orbit, or we just hurl it through a giant rail gun into orbit.

Aliens: O_O


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This is what many of us think of large portions of the white, southern working class.

I'm a white working class guy in the PNW. I'm also a progressive and am organizing a union in an Amazon warehouse.