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stuffing money into wheelbarrow “Well it’s dangerous to just let anyone make it? What if they made it wrong or mishandled it. It seems like we’re being greedy but we just care about the product and patients”

I’ve come to the conclusion everything’s just all fucked. Unless everyone was on board with just being good people and everyone pulling their weight there is no way to stop greed and corruption.


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I think I get what you mean. I’ll have to look up what a visa is bc I’m still somewhat confused. Like I get you need a passport to enter a country but you also need a visa? And the Japanese passport works as a visa for most countries?


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John Lennon wasnt that nice to Julian. Also he didn’t leave anything to that son either. Yoko was terrible toward Julian giving him a check for one dollar stating it was all he deserved to get of his fathers money. She also sold a bunch of stuff that was suppose to go to him and I believe Paul bought it back for Julian

People think of John Lennon as some saint but that was more a show he put on. And put it on he did. Not saying he was horrible but rather just not a saint.


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Cars don’t rust as much as they use to. Mainly bc of lighter metals and more rust resistant metals.

People that religiously get their cars washed will hate this post though. I have a decent scratch on my car that goes to the metal. I live in Wisconsin. It’s been two years and it’s finally starting to rust. I should really fix it.


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It’s why some people always are in a new relationship. And it makes sense love is fun! But ya know it can also be hurtful bc that person is like I love you and wanna be with you forever. Then a month later they’re like ehhhh this has kind of run it’s course so yeah bye