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It's a slow journey, but I've read or heard this quote somewhere: "The journey is the destination."

This is the first time I've stuck with something for this long as well. Sure I may slightly deviate from the path I've laid out for myself, but I'll get right back on track.

The mental blocks were definitely hardest to overcome, had it not been for that single thought I might still be lazing around doing nothing.


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Man, cancer is the absolute worst. In the past I was overly critical and self-concious about myself all the time. Even worse I felt that because the world was being harsh on me that I felt entitled to relationships and wealth, while being jealous of others on facebook.

You can imagine how well trying to date with depression went, never again. I thought a girlfriend would be an instant fix for my issues.

Mental issues are extremely hard to tackle on, it's doable but annoying to try and find the source. The biggest source for my issues was the constant insecurity in finances, but not the only one, otherwise I would have started this path the moment my financial situation became okay.

My advice for you is to set a goal you cannot absolutely fail and see if you can slowly work yourself up from there. Even 10 minutes of walking outside would be a huge victory.

As for the colon thing, yeah whose bright idea was it to name a symbol after part of the digestive tract?

And lastly, this is the one thing I've discovered about myself:

I am the master of my body and the mind, they respond to my will and my command!


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Interesting points! Tbh there are times where I'd absolutely love to ignore the dumbbells, but I'd rather work my entire body so I can function better.

Thank you for the tips and for the support! I appreciate it.


Forgot to mention that while for now my goal is to lose weight and to keep myself mentally and physically healthy, I'm going to try and get into bodybuilding after I've reached my first goal.


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For now, the long term plan is to lose weight until I am once more at healthy weight. After that I want to try a little bit of bodybuilding.

Basically lose the fat, gain the muscle. I don't want too much muscle, I want to be both agile and strong.

I suppose that while I'm doing all of this a little bit of socializing wouldn't hurt. I'm a sucker for boardgames and I found a nice boardgame club near me that I'll join sooner or later.

Once I know I am functional and well I might even try and study again and maybe wiggle waggle back into worklife.

If not I suppose I can always try and educate myself and become a freelancer of sorts. Possibilities are endless.

The studying, self-education and returning to worklife are big maybes in my life and completely dependent on how well I am feeling after I have achieved my personal goals.


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Thank you! Yeah self-improvement is hard on many aspects, no shame in admitting that. I'm sure I still do some techniques wrong with dumbbells, but as long as I get the exercise from it, I don't care.

For the longest time I was too self-concious to do any kind of training, because people seemed to have the "perfect" technique in doing everything to get the most out of their exercises.

What I didn't realise is that different people have different ideas about what the perfect way is to do something, so I started doing my own thing with no pressure about doing something wrong.

It will be a long journey for sure, but I'll get there my way.


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I understand it is even harder for someone with ADHD and chronic pain. Slow and steady wins the race. Every little bit you do in life to improve is already a victory.

People always like to say that failure is the worst thing in the world and to that I say no. Putting too much pressure on self with the fear of failing is bound to lead to a failure, so if in a particularly bad day it's hard or impossible to do something I say, accept the failure and then continue on another day where a day is better.

There are endless paths to self-improvement and it takes time to find the path most suitable for you, but when you do find it, you're on a long journey towards personal victory.


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The beginning is the worst as the body is hurting and the mind just tells you to get back into the comfort zone.

At first I started walking for half an hour each day and work myself up from there, slowly.

You can redeem yourself for as long as you live. Allow yourself to fail and at the start keep the workload light and experiment with what your body can and can't do.

It doesn't matter how much you do or how often you do, all that matters is that you do.

Don't be too harsh on yourself either, it took me 17 years to even begin this path, if we count from the moment where I started facing hardships in my life to the point I became mentally unfit.


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Absolutely! Attempting to run a marathon or trying to lift more than what you are capable of will just be begging for an injury or a burnout. Same with eating. Too much restriction and the cravings will just become stronger until the mind just gives in and goes completely overboard.

Very wise words!


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I will, absolutely! There had been times where I wanted to exercise to lose weight and to eat more healthy, but every time I tried, I got so confused on where to start, because people had different things to say about nutrition and moving.

I think at this point, I just stopped caring what others had written and said and decided to just use my legs instead of reading about using my legs and that was the first push needed to propel me forward to what I do now.

Of course this is a lifestyle change. As I said failures are allowed, but I must not slip back into my old self, because I know the weight and everything else will come back.

Lastly: Thank you for your encouragement internet stranger! I truly appreciate it!