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Basically you need 2 programs, a media aggregator like plex, jellyfin, or emby. Then the dizquetv software. The media aggregator hosts the files on either something on your network like a server/nas or your own local pc harddrives into video on demand categories you want(for example ive got reg tv, anime, kids, then the same for movies, and also music libraries, old commercials, etc.). You can also set commercial filler options including down to literally what commercials can play on what channel. Also if you didnt want to watch "cable" you can also access all the content youve added just via your categories in your apps at any time(barring technical issues) at or away from the house netflix style.

From there you feed the content into playlists on dizquetv and start the server app, add the server as a "tuner" in plex and then enjoy. This is obviously really basic level but its mostly time consuming then technically hard. But just to be 100% clear you have to provide all the content, even down to the bumps/commercials(which ive been slowly ripping over time off youtube and other video hosting sites). Heres a pic of my first 10 or so channels to give you an idea of what a more mature dizquetv collection would look like. For more information.

My personal 2 cents closing thoughts, i much prefer this way as i dont need to worry about rights expiring or any stupid show jumping crap like that, lets me mess around with some technical stuff, and cool apps like dizquetv elevate my viewing experience perfectly into exactly what i want, hate a specific commercial? Just dont add it to your commercial pile. The freedom is insane, but like all good things it didnt appear overnight, it did take some work tracking down my fav shows and bumps/commercials. Plus you are usually slightly behind current releases unless you do....things.


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toonamiaftermath is a web based one i also made another comment in this thread about a software called dizquetv, when paired with another software like plex, jellyfin, or emby, you can recreate cable channels complete with RNG commercials/bumps and shows. I currently run a nicktoons, cartoon network, adult swim, and toonami clones plus more non clone channels, all run off a computer in my house. I paired mine with plex since thats what i normally use to host my own streaming content and through the plex app I can watch my dizquetv streams on my phone, pc, stream device like a roku or apple tv, basically anywhere plex has an app+internet connection


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This is cool, but if you want a bit more control over it(as in you have to find the videos+run software) you can use dizquetv to setup a faux cable provider. I use it to simulate 5 or so of my favorite channels as they were in the late 90s/early 2000s and then other channels that are just mish mashes of various categories(ie movie marathon channel, anime, sitcoms, holiday specials, mtv clone with all my fav music videos, marathon channels for my top shows, etc.) It can be a bit of work to setup and maintain but its been really nice when i want those hits of nostalgia or to show my nieces/nephews how things worked 20 years ago.