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>saves people so much money from gas, parking and vehicle upkeep to clothing to food and this is not to mention how much time people save by not having to commute

Aside from all those benefits, it's better for the environment and, I highly suspect, better for people's mental health. Win-win


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>Let's not stereotype so much, please. I'm a boomer and think it's a great idea

For what it's worth, the youngins say "boomer" refers not just to someone from the Boomer generation, it's used to refer to people that behave like the worst attributes of Boomers, it can also be used by people that don't care about the meaning, they just want to annoy others. It's also used to be dismissive, ex: "okay boomer" could be a response to someone overly explaining something (yes, I do get the irony of my comment)

It's funny being GenX, mostly ignored but now I get to look at the older and younger generations and see that they are using the same words but the definitions have been added to or changed and it doesn't seem anyone's been notified (the word "liberal" being another one)


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I like to keep tabs on when Diwali is each year so I don't get surprised by seemingly random large firework displays. I'm out in the country but those BOOMS from fireworks travel

So I ask myself, is it Diwali or has some nutcase gone off the deep end? Checks calendar. Nope, it's just Diwali. Whew

Adding a holiday that is so joyous is a good thing in my book


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>The survivors’ amendment passed in both chambers last session with bipartisan support, Kenyatta said, and to make its passage in the new session conditional, is holding it hostage.

What else can be said that hasn't already been said? I'm tired to the bone of this BS

One party screams about "protecting" children but is perfectly willing to ignore that in order to push their other nonsense under the guise of doing what their constituents want them to do, ignoring that they are the ones that made up the scenario that the constituents are demanding them to fix

TL;DR "protect" children unless it gets in the way of our made up scenario of election stealing


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>The only saving grace is that housing prices will crash when no one can afford to buy all these boomer mansions

As much as I would love for this to happen you may be forgetting that houses are being bought by investment firms as part of investment portfolios that are then rented out or bought by companies solely to use as airbnbs

Boomer money isn't going to the younger generations, it's going to be vacuumed up by nursing homes, expensive healthcare, and reverse mortgages.

Corporations not people will be seeing the money, we will be left with the scraps that they so generously bestow upon us


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The different groups have different rules, someone wants to do something different but their current group doesn't so they splinter off creating a group that allows the thing (sorry if you already know this)

For example, Ohio Amish don't have the same rules as Lancaster/PA Amish. How the buggies look is dictated by the group they belong to

Years ago I recall reading about a group in Ohio that's so strict about electrical use that they don't even allow electricity for a well pump, instead they use a horse hitched to a mechanical device to pump the water


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>Having reporters jot down their questions, either on paper or via a notepad app, and then holding it so Fetterman can read it himself, is also on the table, as is pulling reporters into less crowded or somewhat quieter locations to help cut out confusion. 

This makes me so happy to see! Very simple accommodations that mean he can fully participate instead of having to limit himself

One of the ways my (this is not everyone's experience) ADHD expresses is having difficulty with audio and background noises being jumbled together, it's hard to filter out the sounds I don't want to hear from the things I need to hear. My medicine helps, however, I can't medicate 24/7


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>grew up in a Baptist church full of people who claimed to follow the teachings of Christ while being small-minded and mean to people who look different than them.

I was around 4 or 5 years old when we started attending a Southern Baptist church in our area (down in MD). We went for a few months then left to attend a Methodist church. Years later I found out we didn't stay because the sermons started going on about how Jews are bad. My grandmother was Jewish

I remember being scared of the preacher because he shouted a lot during sermons, plus, he was already mic'd up so it was worse to my little ears

I've had pleasant experiences with Christians but when you grow up knowing for a fact that your neighbors are hiding their hate behind a smile that will disappear the second they find out you're different it leaves a bit of a lasting impression, you might say.


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I start to not be able to work comfortably around the house if it gets below 70, it feels like my fingers are too stiff to work properly and I'm not arthritic. Longer sleeves aren't an answer because I just push them up my forearms, and wearing clothes that are too bulky interferes with my ability to do housework

I would let the house get cooler at night but it interferes with my sleep because I wear a CPAP mask (sleep apnea), I get condensation that then rolls out of the mask and up my nose. Not conducive to a good night of sleep

I would like to save more money, I've been frugal my entire adult life, but things in life interfere. It's frustrating


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>the U.S. has increasingly become one of the world’s foremost havens for dirty dollars."

Looks like we're taking over for the UK

The UK made it so the rich (only non-citizens iirc) have to prove their assets have not been bought with ill-gotten gains.

They've had a laundered money problem for quite a while and had turned a blind eye because, of course, it was good for business


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>technically illegal

Eh, not technically illegal because it's the Flag Code not the Flag Law but I know exactly what you mean, burns my butt to see people that claim to be patriots and the like going around mistreating flags with the flimsy excuse that it's "not the actual flag" just something very closely resembling the flag 🙄 or attaching one to a vehicle only to let it get shredded

>There are many laws governing the proper use of flags and they are so often violated I violate one myself for fun.

I like your style


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>"but what about 3 mile island, Fukushima, and Chernobyl!"

For my nearly five decades on this planet, minus eight years living in NY state, I've lived within the 10 mile zone of two different PA nuclear power plants. I've grown up knowing what the siren testing meant and what to do in the exceedingly unlikely event of an incident occurring.

I've also grown up with great concern for the environment but I'm all for nuclear power (if the spend fuel is properly contained).


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>only ever heard them called that when I visit Lancaster

My mother always called them that but she grew up just across the border from Lancaster Co, down in MD

I grew up in the same area, that's all I've ever called them because I can never remember the proper term

While we're at it, what's your opinion on Scrapple? Growing up across the border from Lancaster, I've always had scrapple and love it.


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I had an odd thing happen when I was about to sign the voter register, hopefully you can give me an answer.

The lady presenting the register to me placed her hand over the copy of my signature that is already in the register. It made it a tad difficult to actually sign my signature with her doing that. Is that normal procedure?

It's never happened before that I can recall. My daughter had the same thing happen when she went to vote (same polling site).