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I mostly know it from national parks and it is by and large totally illegal to discharge a firearm in those. Unless the shot is at point blank range (no one sane would hunt a bear that way) and you have a spent can of bear spray on you and the bear, FWS will never, not ever believe that you didn’t just go on a lil hunting expedition.


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It’s never enough for those dipshits to just espouse hateful views, they’re always selling a book or a dodgy looking course too. It’s not enough to say that Jews have “radical overrepresentation in positions of authority”, no, you have to also actively pump a book about how women are chaos or whatever


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I learned a bit about his background, he likely felt he had no life anyway. Prior to this he’d tried to kill himself so his siblings could get his life insurance policy. Prior to that, his brother killed himself bc he couldn’t pay for lymphoma treatment. The church took EVERYTHING his family had.


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I have a good story about that! A brilliant scientist named Tu Youyou went through TWO THOUSAND Chinese medical herbs purported to treat malaria. She found one, now known as artemisinin, earning her a Nobel Prize and saving millions of lives. This is a fantastic true story, but look at it another way: out of two thousand supposed cures, only one was provable, a 0.05 percent success rate. It is extremely unlikely that a herbal cure will be effective.

Here’s the Wikipedia article