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No, not really. This is such a reductive and misinformed argument.

Australia deals with a triple whammy of large distances, arid climate and low population density. We have high emissions per capita, largely because of mining and agriculture which is primarily exported. We don't have a manufacturing industry of significance, so renewable infrastructure has to be imported. We don't have nuclear energy, though we were an early adopter of hydropower (in the few places where it works).

People will criticise a lot of countries without understanding the drivers, and realistic policies affecting renewable adoption. Australia will switch to renewables fairly quickly as the tech matures, but I'd be wary of people who think the reasons can be easily explained by politics alone.


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Just wanted to elaborate on what a PMP is, and how it used.

PMP is probable maximum precipitation - which is an extreme rainfall intensity estimate. The probability of a PMP is often estimated as a 1 in 10 million year event or similar. However, many rainfall methods rely on using the PMP as an upper bound of rainfall intensity to estimate events rarer than the 1% annual exceedance event.

Therefore, this research may affect many structures, particularly those that are designed with extreme events in mind - which are typically larger dams and reservoirs.