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Big vacuum and collection bin in a somewhat hidden location like a garage or utility room, pipes running through your attic and/ or walls to every room, and connection ports in every room to hook up a hose and often a floor tool. The idea is you can vacuum every room without lugging around a tank or upright vacuum, but in reality lugging around a 20' hose can be just as cumbersome.


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Wouldn't the real data be generation at a single turbine related to wind speed? Energy generated by wind throughout an entire country is kind of useless information without the context of what went into creating that source and what it takes to maintain it.


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I don't use a Keurig because the pods are expensive for what you get, but you don't need to throw out your machine. A 50/50 vinegar water mix to let soak for an hour, then run it through to the cup, will kill anything of concern.


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Can you get the noise to stop by using something (like your hand) to stabilize the duct? How have you confirmed the noise is from air passing through the duct and not the fan itself?

As a side note, exhaust fans are notoriously noisy. They are often undersized with a high speed fan. The quietest ones use a larger duct and slower, bigger fan. Insulated, flexible duct can also help.