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If you are a somewhat capable worker, especially if you learned a craft, you might want to learn German and think about moving here. Our current Gouvernement is updated and codifying new laws regarding immigration, so it will be mich easier to live and work here and enjoy all the benefits like our very good healthcare.


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Which is down to the same reason, if you have little money, you cannot afford a healthy diet easily. Because good fresh food is behind the same monetary hurdle and cheep unhealthy processed food is much more affordable.


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It can be fixed mich easier. Either don’t drop you damn phone because you put it into a closed pocket as you should or don‘t bring it on the coaster in the first place. Obviously the crash feature will trigger after it being subjected to unusual g forces and a sudden hard stopp.


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And then you live in Germany where you get prohibited from putting solar panels on your roof because the Boomer local gouvernement says it ruins the historical appeal of the citys church. A church that is not even in line of sight, so its just a excuse and they stop you for no better reason than old calcified people not liking change and concepts like renewable energy because „We always did it this way, why would we ever do it differently?“