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Been with Club Metro in Newport for a few years. It's rarely packed, and dead on weekends (it's Newport, after all). It's good value for the price.


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If anyone lived in Astoria, Queens in the mid-aughts, you remember "Lloyd Five Fingers," who'd go car to car on the N train asking for donations for his basketball team. "If you don't have change, try and have a smile."


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Yes, we toured, but didn't see many other buildings.

For us, it was amenities vs. price. We've been in Newport for 5 years and our rent would have been higher than 295J if we stayed. If we stayed we wouldn't have the gym, the courtyard, the co-working space (a big plus for me). Our son has also been going to PS22 up the street—since we were unable to go to our local school, PS37—so there's less upheaval for him. He's also a water bug, so the pool (tiny as it may be) will be absolutely massive for him. My wife and I are now work-from-home full time, so being further from the PATH train isn't a big deal.

There were more pro's than con's, but there were some cons when we made the decision:

• There's no big supermarket in the area, not yet at least. We've been doing ShopRite From Home since the pandemic, but it is still helpful if you need to run out quick to get like, mushrooms. (We will miss Newport's exceptional East and South Asian grocery specialties). The same is true for a pharmacy/CVS/Duane Reade for that kind of stuff.

• The construction noise. We're on the southwest corner where one building is going up, so there will be daytime noise. Though, as my wife put it: "It's a city."

• Our new apartment is smaller by about 100 sq feet than our current place, but our hope is that we'll use the amenities as much as we can if we need to stretch our legs.

It's a bit of a gamble for us, but considering what we would get for the price we were offered, it was very hard to turn down.


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My wife, son, and I are moving to 295J in May. Moving from Newport. If you see a guy wearing a New York Red Bulls jacket everyday, come say hi.


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Eh, they started looking for people who don't get off at WTC/Brookfield. Especially on weekends when it's nice out. Though if you just duck behind the seat, they usually can't see you, if they look at all. That said, when I get stoned, "Hide from authority figures" is not exactly a thing that fills me with good vibes.


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In the summer I’ll do an edible and sit in the sand at Newport Green Park and just people-watch and see the ferries go in and out. Sometimes you see the big ass cruise ships going out too.


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Also, not for nothing, the ticketing process is becoming more and more like the honor system.

I live in Newport and take my son to speech therapy next to the Jersey Avenue station twice a week. There have never been ticket collectors at either station in the year-plus we've been taking this ride. I always have an e-ticket ready to go in the NJT app on my phone, but it just sits there.

I do see the ticket agents at Hoboken waiting for people getting off to connect to the PATH, but that's about it.


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I use the Transit app on iOS and I find it pretty reliable. On the weekends there are often service changes that impact the times. It helps to follow them on social. They’ll post the times the trains leave from their starting terminals. If one is operating every 30 minutes as opposed to the usual 20 minutes, I know to be careful.


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Actually, I live in Newport, about 2 blocks from the tunnel, and I don’t hear the helicopters hovering that often. I hear them going up and down the river or flying people out to EWR, but not in the “traffic report” stationary sense. Could just be me.


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It’s especially bad in Newport because you have a bunch of high rises at the bottom of a hill and immediately next to a whole swath of low lying land, like the Hoboken train yard. It so gets funneled into those buildings. That’s why it’s especially bad where those buildings start, like at the corner of Newport Pkwy and Washington.


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I have lived in Newport for 5 years, moved right before my son was born. For working professionals with young kids, Newport is great, since it is conveniently close to just about everything. But if you’re younger, childless, or single, I imagine it must be super boring. Bonus if you have a fondness for East- and South-Asian cuisine and culture.


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I think he meant Newark Penn, not Newark Airport. That plan is still in the works, though I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to expand the PATH to the Newark Air Train. If you’re going to go through all the trouble, extend the PATH all the way to the airport itself. Don’t half ass two things, whole ass one thing.