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The mtg subs are literally full of people with enough context to understand the situation. Non-mtg players have no idea what is going on. They have never been to a Commander Friday Night Magic.

An unqualified opinion may be unbiased, but is also based on ignorance. You wouldn't ask the general population for medical advice. You would ask medical professionals.

The only bias that mtg folk have that random gen pop folk don't is the bias of experience and knowledge of mtg and mtg culture.

If you truly want to know what a bunch of mtg players think (as this is the community that is relevant), ask them. What does it matter what non-mtg players think? You won't be sitting across from them at a table.


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He is. He still is around his closet friends from his youth, but instead of letting them drag hime down, he pulls them up. He keeps the friends around him who are serious and will not jeopardize his family or livelihood. He turned his friend into one of the most powerful agents in sports. Dude has a plan!


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LeBron actually came from a super tough childhood. So what does he do? Every damned thing he can to make sure his family never experiences the worst of his childhood, while still getting the loving parental figure that he had in his mom. Dude never cared about acting hard. He just wants to make sure endorsement dollars keep flowing!


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Bro, I am 100% Asian. I cook rice in a rice cooker just like you do. However, there are cultures who do not cook rice in the way you describe. For instance, Basmati rice in Indian and Pakistani culture is cooked very differently, and with different ratios. They look for a non-sticky rice with individual grains. You don't get that from a 2:1 ratio in a rice cooker.

So literally Southwest Asian cultures (the Indian subcontinent) cook white rice in a very different manner from you and I (although very similar to the OP), and you give them shit for not knowing how to cook white rice?

I fucking love Indian food, but I guess you've never had it. You have only ever had the stickier rice from eastern Asia? Broaden your horizons a bit.


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Also, it's not so much fragility as not liking it when people who don't understand a topic try to make people feel bad, even though you really don't even know what you're talking about.


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This doesn't apply to all white rice. Long, medium, and short grain are all cooked differently. Also different cultures will cook the similar varietals differently based on their dishes.

Do you really think all white rice is the same? Is all white bread cooked the same way?


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Nah, they're right. The other poster acting like there is only one way to cook rice, and that any other way is wrong and the "white" way. It's pretty ignorant, really. There are many different cultures and many different ways of cooking rice. The way described by OP is how some cultures cook some types of rice. It reeks of ignorance.


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Why don't you just automate, you neanderthal? I haven't had to perform data entry since high school. You manually enter in all of your expenses? Numpads are only for people who waste time not understanding technology like old people and Republicans.


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For anyone who is seeking faith, but don't want to be treated as less than human, there are many Christian denominations (and I am sure within other faiths as well) who will love and accept you! We all deserve to love and be loved. We shouldn't have to make sacrifices just to be able to do so. I love you all.