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More than 10 years since I watched those first 5 seasons and it's still a top favorite of mine.

Somewhere around season 10 was when I stopped watching it weekly. I caught up whenever I had a couple of episodes to binge. After 11 I didn't want to continue anymore. I started a rewatch during that hiatus and I was shocked to finally notice how far the quality had dropped with those later seasons.

After that I came across youtube clips here and there so I have a general idea what the last 4 seasons were like. I did watch the season 15 penultimate episode though and it was just complete garbage. The cgi was so bad the show looked like shit. It looked much better in the earlier seasons. And that was 15 years earlier!

I still watch Kripke's run every other year or so.


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>Netflix fucking sucks at marketing movies and shows

It's like when they released Archive 81 in January when it would have been a perfect Halloween show. I remember it was just there one day when I logged in. I never saw anything promoting it.

They have the ability to make a lot of their content more successful but they don't care. If something doesn't become a hit on its own, they just start over and try something new. Rinse and repeat.


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Listen, I agree they're doing too much content at the same time and are thus forced to cancel a lot of things. It sucks.

But these shows in particular are not any of their ''most successful shows''.

Also, Bridgerton apparently did even better than The Witcher and Stranger Things season 3. It's a massive hit.


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If you make a list of series all with next level scores and soundtracks, Attack on Titan will still stand out as next level.

I’ve been rewatching it a bit and once again I can’t believe how good it is. There is so much phenomenal music throughout the show.

Listen to ”You See Big Girl”, ”ThanksAT”, ”Apple Seed”, ”Vogel im Käfig”, ”Attack on Titan”. And there are many, many more.