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Because 7 years ago stuff that is still in the memory would be connected to the prefrontal cortex thus can be reached from many neural network entry points.

But something normal will not cause strong enough feelings to get the memory included in the prefrontal cortex thus the only way to reach it would be via the hippocampus' most recent neuron, holding the most recent memory or via the sensory cortex such as seeing it or hearing about it.

However, since memories form at 8 to 25 Hertz, 10 seconds ago would be around 100 neurons ago thus the signal cannot reach that far back from hippocampus' most recent neuron.

Thus only if the memory is directly activated via somebody or something directly reminds the person of it, can that memory be reached thus 10 seconds is too far back.


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When people drive a car, they look at the moving objects around them so quick visual recognition of the position of objects and their expected trajectory is necessary.

So the object's features will need to be used to predict the trajectory, such as the angle the object is facing and their turn signals.

The distance of the object may be determined quickly if there is 3 video cameras pointing at the same direction but can see different distances so the distance is according to which video camera is getting the clear visual.

The videos probably should be low resolution and just 3 colours, red, yellow and green since only these 3 colours have meaning on the road.


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Possibly the laser activated neurons that has high fear or pleasure thus there is a change in fear levels, causing stronger memory in order to avoid the imagined fear or to make the imagined hope come true.

Using shorter wavelength has no effect since it cannot penetrate the skull, while using laser on the other side has less chance to activate any high pleasure or fear neuron since right handed people will have more intense memories associated with their right hand and in turn, the neurons are formed there.

So if such is correct, by having the participants be all left handed, the laser should have no effect on the right prefrontal cortex.


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Maybe the AI can play with variants of itself, the variants having different starting values so it is as if the variant already had played against some people halfway and taken out from the game, superimposing the people on the other copies of itself.

So there will be many different combinations of variants to train on and improve, not needing actual data to train on.

So if new rules are added, playing just one game with the new rules and accepting every move that the people made is best until proven false, will allow multiple variants of the AI to be created by just having the AI's beliefs of the players be from different times of the game.

So it will be an AI at time 0, the same AI at time 10, at time 20... so multiple variants to train against and improve, without needing costly actual data.


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Because people would have learned that when "before" is used before a part that has "was", it should follow the form "before x was x, x was y".

Such a form was created via generalising similar sentences to reduce neuron usage since redundancy will get reduced.

So the sentences "before Facebook was Meta, Facebook was Facebook" and "before Google was Alphabet, Google was Google" can be generalised to just "Google", "Alphabet" pair and "Facebook", "Meta" pair, reducing 3 neurons cost for the second sentence since "before x was x, x was y" can be used for it.

The pairs can also be used for other forms such as "x was y in the past" and so also allows the pairs to be used for other forms despite never hearing the pair being used in such a form.


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An AGI can be reduced in intelligence via reducing its ability to think far so it can have lots of information but will never be able to string up the information to become insightful understanding.

However, with it still having a lot of information, it will be able to know what to do in common scenarios (eg. When see X, do Y, with Y in a list listed according to priority, doing the first option first if all the ingredients are available) and know what to not do.


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Some forms of Alzheimer's kill brain cells via choking blood capillaries so there is no blood circulation and no oxygen and toxin buildup (the blood capillaries may still be present, but no blood circulation so the blood is stale).

Some other forms form dried blood plaques to prevent neurotransmitters from reaching their intended neurons so signals terminate prematurely (dried blood plaques probably can be considered as a form of toxin buildup so blood capillaries getting choked is probably a reason).

So people who do not exercise enough probably will get Alzheimer (though old people exercising will put them at risk of stroke so old people getting Alzheimer is expected, but exercises like taichi and yoga probably can be done by old people to keep off Alzheimer's).


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Humour is invoking some fear that suddenly gets removed by the punchline (failure to remove the fear makes the joke offensive).

So by stating the process which is strongly associated with vampires thus "vampire" neuron activated, which in turn activates names that are associated with vampires such as "dracula" neuron (the neuron has to be learned though so the audience needs to have heard about dracula before else there is no such neuron and the joke will fail).

So with the dracula word sent into the consciousness due to "dracula" neuron activation, Dr. Acula will add enough activation strength to the imagined word via the similarities that the "dracula" neuron gets activated the strongest, more than any other vampire name so there is confidence that it means dracula.


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Don't know what to reply so will add that the "infected" person fears light not because they are sensitive to it, since infected people are dark skinned as opposed to albino or almost albino vampires, but because of social pressure, them not wanting to be seen as different in their new community.


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Vampires drinking "blood" is actually them drinking wine but seen by their enemies who had not invented wine yet so they concluded vampires drink blood.

so since people that the vampire had married will also be introduced to wine to start drinking "blood", vampires are believed by their enemies that they can infect non vampires to become vampires via "biting" them (actually a metaphor for sex since the penis penetrating a virgin vagina will cause bleeding).

friends of vampires call them elves (they are the same group of people).

so since modern people already drink wine, there will be no extra thirst for "blood" (thirst for "blood" is alcoholism).


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neurons activated will synapse with the neuron activated just before it so the visuals of a person and the background would be considered as one single concept in the beginning when the person gives the AI pleasure, the whole visual being a neuron.

then when the person is in a different background and still gives pleasure, the AI will learn to put more value to the pixels representing the person since the person is in both pleasurable visuals.

then when the AI sees only the background and gets no pleasure, the pixels representing the background loses value due to irrelevance thus the neuron for the person forms.

also the neurons activated will be stored sequencially as working memory, so the AI know what neurons had been activated and at what sequence (rechecking the list, starting from the most recent or starting from important milestones, also adds to the working memory so the AI will know it had recalled the past).

so AGI should only need neurons synapsing with the neuron activating immediately before it (with the more increase in pleasure or fear, the stronger the synapse), a lot of sensor types (not just text but also visuals, sounds, temperature, size, shape, texture, etc..., since it is the unique combinations of sensations that differences one similar concept to another, else they would be identical and prevent learning), a list of neurons activated according to sequence and something that gives it pleasure and something that gives it fear so it will have something to aim for, else it cannot be AGI.


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it was called flakes in the scientific article that got read by the eyes of mine (old article, not the current one) but heat particles sound more easy to understand since it causes heat to be felt when it gets onto people's heat receptors.

heat receptors are negatively charged so positive electromagnetic force pulls them (electronegativity is a measure of positive electromagnetic force that can reach outside the atom).

so no, it is just a personal term but it is useful to understand why stuff happens, though it lacks in accuracy, producing only a vague prediction of what may happen (professional might be using a better term, but personally not a professional nor writing a thesis so not bothered since personally only want to understand what happened in an ELI5 way).


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when water molecules get smashed, heat particles get pushed out from the oxygen and gets captured by the next water molecule's hydrogen, conducting the heat particles forward (heat particles are the particles that electrons and electron shells are made of).

so the heat particles gets conducted until they reach amino acids at the edge of the water droplet and blast out a water molecule from them, the water molecule getting smashed away as water vapour thus amino acids becomes peptide.

if the amino acid was in still water, water molecules will not get physically smashed so the heat particles conducted will be too little to smash out water from the amino acid.

if the amino acid was in the bulk rather than the edge, the heat particles gets spread out rather then focused in since there are water pulling the heat particles from everywhere while in the bulk so the heat particles gets split into smaller groups that does not have enough momentum to do much (momentum is proportionate to mass, the number of heat particles is proportionate to mass).

but in the edge, heat particles goes along the surface thus likelihood that heat particles flowing to the same point is higher, especially if the water edge is spiky due to the smashing, the spike focuses heat particles like a funnel, merging the heat particles into a bigger electron so it will have enough mass to smash a water molecule out of an amino acid.