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I think you confused E2EE with Star Wars robot R2D2 :P

Ultimately, even when E2EE isn't used, the mailbox access is still fully encrypted. ProtonMail has to accept mail in whatever form on the ingress side, but once it's received, it's encrypted with your credentials. Something GMail or Outlook doesn't do at all as your mails are essentially stored there in plain text, only access to that plain text format is granted through correct password which is just for user side access, not for the operator aka Google. Only point they are encrypted is during transit from their mail server to another mail server. It's why GMail can do all sorts of clever mail sorting, combing and data extraction because they have all the access to your mails and ProtonMail cannot because they don't have such access. Only access they have is some metadata, mail addresses and subject lines for basic spam filtering and sorting. They have no access to mail body.

One could argue one could spy on users on the ingress side, but when you're that paranoid, you really need to ensure all participants in communication use E2EE using same clients, be it voice, mail or IM. Ultimately, even if ProtonMail wasn't encrypted, I'd use it because my primary goal was just stop using GMail. There are paid for services that claim to respect user privacy as you pay for the service where Google's "all this free shit" has to cost something else if it's free as service.


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ProtonMail. Using it for years exactly because of shit like this. Good phone client, good web client, reasonable price and it's E2EE. So privacy is assured by default.

Just be aware that encryption inherently brings certain problems and limitations, like automatic forwarding is not possible, POP3/IMAP requires a "bridge" for communication between service and device running mail client.


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I don't understand people whining and shitting on Telegram. Telegram is not above the law. If courd orders it, they have to comply.

There is however difference when company complies and what they can comply with. Signal or ProtonMail can't provide much information beyond basic communication information like IP and timestamps of communication. And at least for ProtonMail I know they often dispute requests through Swiss courts unless it's clear that user behind it was malicious.


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Thing with iPhones is, you know if you're affected or not. I've recently returned to Android and I have no clue if my Poco is affected or not. And knowing Xiaomi, it's either not affected because it's so modified or it is affected and won't be fixed even months after Google fixes it in AOSP repository.


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Overwatch 2 is money milking operation. And cows are stupid gamers paying absurd prices for cosmetics.

What's worse, with lootboxes in Overwatch 1 you could get really cool skins just for playing. In Overwatch 2 you get frigging nothing.