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Britain to train Ukraine combat fighter pilots

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has committed to training Ukrainian combat jet pilots, according to a statement made ahead of a Feb. 8 visit to London by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.


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Considering many places like hospitals want a test 3 days before you visit shows that the virus can be dormant/undetectable after soon getting it.

People on planes can easily give it to each other and not be picked up by tests.

Luggage and clothing can also contain the virus which may infect them shortly after.


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How so? They're building another pipeline to Russia to suck up all that cheap gas.

They're probably selling them all the winter clothes, MRE's and military equipment too.

The west is also worse off since this invasion, billions have been lost sending military/humanitarian aid, billions more will likely be lost to rebuild Ukraine. China sits back not spending a dime, gets some intel on our weapon systems and our military logistics/tactics.

If things get super bad for Russia they might offer China some land for more support.


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>A significant amount of politics for the Macron government plays out on WhatsApp or Telegram. leaders are really using foreign owned private company messaging software, jesus christ.

"All that is said on Telegram is potentially listened to by the Russians and the Americans," said Thomas Gassilloud, the Renaissance MP and chairman of the National Defense and Armed Forces Commission at the Assemblée Nationale. "


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>domestic production and storage in the UK now

The UK has some of the lowest levels of gas storage in Europe at 9 days and again all these gas companies are privately owned and can sell to Europe at a higher price or force the UK to pay a lot more than if they were state owned.

Theres also no guarentee the rest of Europe will sell any of their stored gas to the UK or at least massively over charge them so most people wont be able to afford it.

Even if we have the gas to not cause a blackout the poorest people might be forced into one due to not being able to pay the bills.


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Because gas is limited and countries that heavily relied on Russia for gas are now importing from sources the UK do like Norway (which provides 1/3rd of UK gas). The increased demand also had private companies extracting it in the UK and exporting it to Europe because they can sell it for more.