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Yeah this is my main concern going into computer science to develop AI since politics seem hopeless, accelerationism seems like a scary idea with the current state of the world. It's sad we get downvoted for voicing these concerns.


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Our desires and interests might evolve but that's not a bad thing, whatever we become is the natural evolution and should be embraced for it is far better than life now. Like I said, personality can be maintained to a degree but people will understand each other's point of view completely. We probably can't match the AI's intelligence and knowledge, but we can upgrade what is possible.


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The point is to make humanity a collective hivemind to harness our total knowledge and common goals for optimal harmony and efficiency. We can retain individuality while choosing what thoughts to share, letting the transparent technocratic government examine our mind when it's absolutely necessary, or an AI to help guide our every move. It's worth it if no one can be corrupt by having everyone be transparent and the government allows people to do as they please as long as no innocents are harmed.


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You aren't thinking too hard then, clearing up any misunderstandings among humanity and having instant clear communication with anyone is incredibly useful, along with being able to control technology with your mind. This tech is also used to restore bodily functions. Ideally you will get to choose what is uploaded and read/used. If the physical world doesn't improve with AI accelerationism then VR isn't going to be feasible either since you won't be provided the conditions to stay there unless you are part of the privileged, and it's unlikely to be that great anytime soon if people irl aren't provided the conditions to build such an amazing VR.


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Companies are making rapid progress on analyzing how everything in there works, impossible is quite the strong word to use, I'd say it's likely possible no later than another century though probably way sooner since we will probably have very solid control of things with our mind relatively soon considering the results seen with the monkey and pig they demonstrated with. I'm not sure why you think that would result in immortality though, that's pretty unrelated.


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In theory yeah, but it's possible we are tied to our organic matter and all the complexities in our DNA and biology from billions of years of evolution of the natural organic elements that make us, not man made copies that replicate the basics. The entire human experience isn't going to be easily recreated 1:1 by machine any time soon.


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Reply to comment by Nieshtze in A typical thought process by Kaarssteun

You really think technological progress has become stagnant just because certain limits have been reached? workarounds are always found sooner or later and AI is allowing us to find them faster than ever, and developing AI is the focus of much of modern humanity so we are definitely only advancing exponentially more as the days pass, the singularity is pretty much inevitable unless something like WW3 sends us back to the stone age.


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what do you think I've been doing for the last 6 years? It feels hopeless, all I get is people arguing with me, people seem to prefer to stay ignorant and separate so they can pursue their own personal corrupt desires without any restraint because people are short-sighted fucked up pieces of shit. The rich control everything and keep the masses ignorant with such superb skill that we are way too distracted and divided to organize ourselves and change things in any significant way. Many Republicans are religious nutjobs that can't be reasoned with, and/or old and wealthy and thus don't want to risk investing a single penny into society.


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Might be true for most of them, but that's better than everyone trying to scam each other for survival in the current for profit system. If people decide to work at all, it should be optimized for productivity. Capitalism actually reduces competition and innovation because it creates monopolies that work together to crush and absorb small business, consolidating wealth, rights, and power to the 1%. It's a system built around catering to business owners over workers since they provide all the necessary goods and services, for profit.