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Glad that faster acting treatments like Ketamine therapy are becoming more mainstream. Would have been an amazing thing to have things like that be the norm when I was dealing with heavy depression. There was no way I was touching the laundry list of woefully-named big pharma shot in the darks with 9 miles of side effects and literally zero idea what they were actually doing in the brain.

Really seems like we're headed in a much better direction for effectively treating intense depression, anxiety, PTSD, and so on.


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If that's what you got from his discussion of seriousness as a refusal to see nuance in all situations then as others have pointed out you literally are too serious about the use of the word. If there's anywhere you should be open to understanding the context and entirety of what's written rather than being pedantic it's in philosophy.


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There are other posters who went into much, much more detailed discussion of the multitudinous problems there on the continent. There's really no point in debating reality. It's not just stereotypes that make this kind of action surprising. There are large scale barriers to consistent, sustained technological progress in Africa, that's a simple truth.

Semantics and nitpicking won't change that this kind of development is going to be a surprising one to most unless they were specifically following this program. The US is corrupt af, but would you be shocked in the least to hear it had a similar launch on the horizon? Were you surprised when you heard the UAE was testing weather-controlling drones?

It's an unexpected thing with a country with a relatively low GDP on a continent of countries with relatively low GDPs and other financial indicators pops up with a program like this.


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To be fair there are still massive issues when it comes to things like infrastructure on the continent, literal pirates on both the sea and land, as well as massive corruption.

This would be a bit unexpected feat from any developing nation in most cases to be fair, no?

That said, I've been following tech development in Africa for a bit and it's pretty awesome to see how things are going.


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Are batteries more efficient in use and in terms of sustainably than physical storage systems, i.e., those that lift pillars/weighted sleds with excess power then convert it back to electricity when the weight is released during non-daylight hours?

Just curious if you knew offhand, hadn't looked into them in detail.


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We've had that happen, though. Bubonic plague, 1918 flu, and a few other instances across the world of mass die-offs. Not that we don't correct some of the issues, but overall we just sit in the same cycles once things somewhat return to normal.

Odds are for that very reason we'll see a resurgence of a very strong Covid strain, more will die, and we'll rinse & repeat.