Retro3654 t1_iu5o72f wrote

Well.. maybe he'd gone too far.

It hurt. But at the same time, it felt good. so he kept going.

He was destroying the city. He, Starman, was destroying the city he had been raised in and sworn to defend.


The truth of it was that he was tired of that cat and mouse game. Wanted the villain eliminated at all costs. so after yet another battle with the villain yet again going into hiding he came up with a mad genius plan.

"Snap". Destroy. Draw the villain out with the unexpeted.


And it worked.

The conversation was brief, yet loaded.


"Do you know that the people begged me to come here? To stop you?"

"What of it. I'm done with our games. Fight me if you must."

The villain, totally unsure of what could even be said beyond that, obliges.

His lasers meet with the starlight beam of the hero.

The city looked on in awe.

The charged energy blasts flew.

the winds swept across the now-wasteland.

Then, in a final blaze of glory, the hero killed the villain. Like that, uncerimonially. Life didn't exactly work like a comic book.
He had never stopped to consider if he was using his full powers until now.
He wasn't.

And suddenly, everything he ever wanted was his. Everything he ever needed. He fought on. Destroyed that place in a way the villain never had.

At least villains had standards. And she who watched would make sure theye were enforced.

more here. there can always be a part two to this! :)