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Yes, locals will stop you but if you have a good reason you will just get a warning. They will look at your tires and for any other violations..its a cop magnet.

My impression after talking to the cop is that most people with no front plate are misusing the back plate on the vehicle to drive an unregistered vehicle around.

Locals are the ones that stop for bad lights and things hanging from the rearview mirror.


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Dont withhold at all. Just go to court and sue. But here is the hard part: you have to be willing to leave.

If you withhold, that pressures the landlord to fix things (if he has a mortgage), but it doesn't get you compensated for all the trouble you put with.

The success of the case depends on the wording of the lease.


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If you have insurance, The NH state insurance department is really good about forcing insurers to pay for "medically necessary" treatment as part of the appeals process. That applies to mental health treatment, but also applies to esoteric immune disorders with very expensive medications and some cancer treatments.

You must have good medical records, especially if the disease is chronic. Honestly, if you have good records that show other treatments have not worked, you don't even need to get a doctor involved.

  1. You are denied.
  2. Get the appeal forms from the state insurance company.
  3. Follow the instructions..attaching id, denial letter, proof of insurance, medical records
  4. Scan to Pdf
  5. Email/mail/fax to state
  6. It gets sent out to a 3rd party review. The treatment has to have been proven to be effective for treating the illness in general per FDA--not experimental--, it has to be a medical procedure, and other alternatives have not worked (your medical records)
  7. It comes back with approval or denial from 3rd party reviewer...a firm out of state with physicians and nurses who review your records....
  8. State issues order to insurer (very quickly)

If approved, the insurer has to pay. At this point the insurer is going to assign a single person to you to process everything because losing an appeal is a black mark on their record. Don't give them any info about the illness or progress, just ask them questions if necessary. If they create any more problems, such as limiting you to their pharmacy, tell them you are going back to the state.


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Its gone way past you.You sound like an Ever source Apologist. How is it like to be an Eversource butt boy?

Making anyone go through a unnecessary torturous path of switching suppliers creates damages.

First they get data from a sketchy company, and second they force the hardship label on you when that sketchy company does their sketchy work.

Then you have to call only to find out that having enough security info to tell them to shut off your power isn't enough to get the hardship removed . They have to send a form by email, then you have to buy a printer, and hope that constellation will honor what eversource blocked.

And its stupid wonder that constellation can do 16 cents, but the smartest distribution company with a giant pool of customers with no switching costs cant get the price below 24 cents.


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Depends how many pieces they need to take down while its still vertical.

Depends on Terrain and what kind of equipment can get close.

Depends on how clean you want it after they are done.

Cherry picker on a 60+ year old elm near a house while its under contract=$6800

I think the smaller outfits have lower fixed costs so start there.