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I could do that actually. However I did get a text from them saying I'd be on the payroll. So I'll have to see how that goes. If they don't deduct tax then i could report it myself. But they better pay the NMW since the money i get will be on record.


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I still don't really want to take chances. HMRC and IRS may have different rules with this sort of thing and one could be more harsh than the other. From what I heard, someone'ssmoother was caught doing it and was sent to the slammer.


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I wasn't clear enough. The person I mentioned works 8 hours at my main job. My side job was 4-10:45 with a 15 minute break which I took at random. The 2 days I worked totaled to13.5 hours. So I was Paid roughly for 2 out of those hours (which I will be giving back)


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It was pretty quick. Because I'm not "working a lot of hours" I "don't need to be on a payroll". Someone at my main job is working 8 hours (4 hours less then this side job) and they are on a payroll. It can't be legal what this place is doing.