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BRT is a bait and switch. It promises rapid transit benefits at bus prices, but at best you spend just as much as light rail to get a system permanently hobbled by bus shortcomings, or you get "BRT creep" and nothing but a different paint job on some bendy buses.

It's a great solution in countries with low labor and land costs where all rail infra would be imported. But it's never lived up to promises in a wealthy nation. We already have the Boulevard Direct bus, its better than before, but it's not enough to transform the Northeast like a subway would.


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Comcast 2 is taller than any building in Tokyo (Tokyo skytree is much taller, but it's a TV broadcast "structure").

Comcast 1, Liberty 1 and 2 are all taller than Tokyo's 2nd tallest. Tokyo isn't actually a particularly tall city, it's more like London in that it covers a lot of land with midrise buildings, and has a few clusters of taller buildings near transit hubs.


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Always assume every other driver is actively trying to kill people. They'll risk pulling off a shoulder into highway speed traffic to save 45 seconds, or are just toi lazy to park in an back out of a spot.


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Technically she’s still the fastest vessel to cross the Atlantic in scheduled passenger service.

Several high speed ferries have since had faster eastbound crossings during their delivery, but did not do so carrying passengers.

Some yachts have been significantly faster, but again not in passenger service.


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It’s saying if you have too low a travel wallet balance, it will pull from the debit side as a cash fare instead of a Key fare.

Tomorrow try to call in and say you mistakenly loaded it as travel wallet, and intended to load debit. Maybe there can move it or refund it.

Unfortunately I suspect the limit is there to prevent people from arbitraging pretax or reduced fares into a more liquid debit balance, so they may not be flexible on it.

And for the future, research your options for prepaid debit accounts. I don’t know that much about them, but septa key appears to be worse for fees.


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“If you have money in the Mastercard debit Wallet you can use it to add funds to your Travel Wallet or purchase a SEPTA fare for your Key Card. You can't transfer money from your Travel Wallet to the Mastercard debit wallet and your Travel Wallet money can't be used to pay for things like coffee or groceries. If you only have money in the Mastercard debit Wallet, you'll still be able to pay for a trip on SEPTA - it just won't be a discounted fare.”

Basically the tldr is you can activate the debit feature, but it’s not a great idea because the fees are absurd. There are better reloadable debit options, eg Amex Bluebird.


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I've never read anything that provides reasonable doubt that his gun was the murder weapon. That alone should make it an open and shut case.

But holy shit, the racism and misconduct around every other aspect of the trial was outlandish. It's like the cops, prosecutors, and judge were trying to one up each other in undermining the credibility of the proceedings.


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I'm on my 5th card. 1 expired, 3 just randomly stopped working. I've also had multiple problems with auto load not working and regional rail tap outs starting new trips.

By barely functional, they reached a minimum level of working. If you've been lucky with card failure and the widespread reader issues on buses and at rail stops it might not seem that bad.