RhaenyrasUncle t1_je27whz wrote

That whole area is bananaland.

I walked through there a few weeks back. There was some nightclub a bunch of people were in line for. People were parking their cars in the middle of the street, basically making their own parking spots...openly drinking liquor and smoking blunts while driving, blasting music...just no fucks given whatsoever.


RhaenyrasUncle t1_jdi6zu7 wrote

Yes, but they need to stop "blacking out" everything.

By the same logic that black folks claim they dont feel comfortable in white-majority spaces, white folks do not feel comfortable in black-majority spaces. If they want true economic benefit, stop segregating the neighborhood with labels like this.

Make it an inclusive and comfortable space for a diverse range of Bostonians.


RhaenyrasUncle t1_jdcxafm wrote

We dont penalize anything that is a passive offense, here.

You run a red light at 15mph under the speed limit, 15 seconds after it turned red? Passive offense...non-issue.

You merge onto a free-flowing middle-of-day highway in a 65mph zone, at 22mph? Passive offense, non-issue.

You come to a complete stop in the right lane because you missed your exit? Passive offense, non-issue.

You stop in a rotary to be a "nice guy" and let multiple cars enter, thus causing gridlock behind you? Passive offense, non-issue.

Anything that falls under the, "Oopsies" category goes unpunished because it is, "an accident". We simply do not punish drivers who are involved in incidents like these.


RhaenyrasUncle t1_jdcwhle wrote

This is why I love driving a SUV with LED headlights...everyone who has their high beams on gets blasted by my highbeams until they turn theirs off.

Sometimes you can tell they'll try to flash their highbeams at me because mine are intentionally on...only to then realize that they're the issue. 😅


RhaenyrasUncle t1_jdcw6vm wrote

The automatic headlights thing is the issue.

Before, you always had to manually turn your headlights on. So if it was dark or raining, you naturally did it.

Nowadays, with automatic headlights, people forget. If there lights are set to "off", and it gets dark out, they dont even think to turn them on (until they hit a dark stretch of highway and panic brake/swerve before turning their lights on).