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What? How did you come up with that?

No, the only difference is the position of the sun at any given instance in time. Google midnight sun or 24 hour darkness.

When it’s noon in one time zone, it’s noon everywhere in that time zone. Latitude has little bearing on the time. Our timekeeping is just to maintain a standard. Call someone in NorCal at noon and they’ll say it’s noon. Not 12:01. The sun would be lower in the sky compared to socal due to earth’s curvature, but “standard time” is just an agreed upon construct so we can all be harmonized.


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When you are on the phone with someone, are you talking to them at the same time or at different times? 5 minutes is always 5 minutes no matter where you are. Time zones are set by humans to match daylight hours with time in the day- more or less so noon is when the sun is directly overhead. We have to maintain consistently so we can’t say it’s 12 here and next door it’s 12:01, no one would know what time it is. We group them into zones into where it makes the most sense. It literally is an imaginary line where you have to set the clock forward, so you can match everyone else in the area.


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I mean not really. I don’t mean in the sense of like I don’t give 2 fucks about you, but more in the context of live and let live. For example if someone wears something that you think is offensive (passing judgement) you are the one with the problem not them. think about what it is that is upsetting you and internalize it. Think about what it’s like in their shoes, and why they find it acceptable. Then think about what it’s ACTUALLY doing to you. it’s not physically affecting you so why bother with even spending energy fixating on it? You do you type of thing.


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After having been stranded on the side of the road one too many times- which it’s NEVER convenient, I had my truck towed to a local mechanic. He wanted 10k to repair the vehicle, which I only paid 8k for. I told him to kick rocks and traded in the POS ($7500 trade in value, not bad for non running) toward a new truck with the extended warranty and maintenance plan.

Sometimes you are paying for piece of mind, knowing if ever something does happen, you’ll be set. I had a check engine light come on about 2 years after ownership and took it in. It was jacking up due to a failed spark plug. not sure what the bill is on that (not just changing the plug but the cascade of problems related) but I paid ZERO.

Also this was a vehicle purchased for a business, so essentially I pre-paid for the oil changes etc.

there comes a point where you have to do what makes sense for you. if you like saving a few bucks driving a bucket of rust that’s fine. I’ll take my new car and enjoy my sack lunch, thanks.