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I think you have to prove you can open a store brand of a sugary cereal, the bag inside ( without a single tear) , and the top in such a way as the flap actually inserts and secures ( also without a rip or tear ) before a coronation can occur.


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Nice .. totally forgot about those. Tbh I wasn't much of a Ford fan back in the day, but my cousin ( whose father had been a Ford plant employee so he got discounts ) had several different models over the years .


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This can easily be accomplished by driving a 1978 Trans am 6.6 with a 400 big block at about 68 mph and quickly downshifting ( without sufficiently pre braking )... Still brings a tear to the eye


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I had a 92 Geo Storm ( so I actually had 4 cylinders 😜).

I Absolutely LOVED that car. Got it right after a desert deployment, and after the rebates and military factory incentives , I got it for @ $6,000 . It would do 120 mph [source: was pulled over by Kansas state patrol officer who had a stopwatch showing exactly 30 seconds, and he told me that was my last mile. Was standing at parade rest the entire time and the good ol boy let me go with a warning! Whew] It would get as many as 48 mpg ! ( When driving considerably under 120) And the stereo with installed 12 band graphic equalizer w booster and detachable woofer box in the back ROCKED ! Ended up selling it for $4,800 4½ years later when I went to Korea.

Sorry... Little trip down memory lane... But yeah, the other Geo model had a 3 cylinder motor 🙂