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Too bad the Coast Guard House staff didn’t act the same when Junior left; restaurant cameras recorded staff trying to take his keys, but stopped there. Instead, he did the DUI Dance the wrong way on the highway and crashed. Thank you Chelo’s for preventing another potential fatal: https://www.providencejournal.com/obituaries/f0062621


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We were pre-approved, hired a buyers agent, viewed 15 homes in one weeks time, made three offers on Sunday, one accepted on Monday, inspections, under contract, etc. etc. in 45 days. Paid $15k under asking, $100k less than we were approved for, and so far we have had to replace a garage door opener. House was turn key.
Agent is owed most of the credit, came into our agreement with several leads, did their research and networked.
Very happy.


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Following just to find out where such a fun campground exists. When you look for camping in New England, so many rules upfront and many surrounding alcohol bans. Your place sounds fun.
P. S. Straight up whiskey shot from if we are fireside.
P. P. S. Enjoy!


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I think the closest we had were the Boston Sports Clubs (Westminster and another near East Side Market) pre-COVID, and I think only one was full service. Of course there’s the club at Brown, that’s simply a ‘know a guy’ sit, and that’s it. We should be able to agree on one thing - there’s nothing luxurious about the YMCA.