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I'm not sure if you've forgotten what thread you're in but the first person that replied to you suggested that the worst of the news about law enforcement comes from the US. That's the angle I'm coming from. If your original comment wasn't alluding to news from the US then fair enough and I apologise, but when I joined the conversation, people definitely were talking about the US.

I definitely don't believe them, no. To be clear, I'm not defending the police. In fact I'm pretty sure we're actually in agreement. My only motivation for replying to your comment originally was to call out what I perceived as a logical inconsistency.


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The point being made is that the UK is far, far better at holding its officers to account than the US. There have indeed been institutional failings in the Met (an abbreviation for Metropolitan, not an acronym, by the way) but that's just one police force and those issues are now getting rectified.